Finding a new place to write

I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting places to write. Since I live on a tropical island, one would think the possibilities are endless. Well, let’s look at some of the requirements that I have to ensure a proper writing environment.

  • Outdoors.
  • Public place (preferably)
  • No loud annoying music.
  • A view of the ocean is a plus.
  • Optional beverage service.

So yesterday I got on my motorbike with my new handy laptop and I cruised through the old parts of Georgetown, looking for a suitable, but new, spot.

One of the outdoor food courts was way too packed with people. Pass.

I passed many cafes that didn’t have suitable outdoor seating.

I passed one that looked interesting, so I parked my bike and wandered up to the outdoor cafe that was void of people, but then I saw it. A large speaker hanging on the left side of the outdoor wall. I walked to the other side, and there was the second speaker. Annoying music! Not for me.

The old town proved useless, so I headed back out of town and decided to take a scoot down a side, picturesque road that has a restaurant I like to take my wife to sometimes. Bingo, some possibilities.

I parked on the side of the street and walked into a cafe and sat on the edge of the outdoor seating. Music was playing, but it was pretty low, so I thought I could tune it out. As I got out my computer, waiting for a server to come take my order, I began to realize it was one of those types of cafes where it’s self-serve – walk to the counter kind of place. Bleh. I didn’t feel like walking inside to order, and I didn’t feel like mooching a good seat from a cafe without ordering, so I left.

Luckily, a few doors down, I saw the perfect set-up – a restaurant, neatly decorated with outdoor fans, servers standing behind an outdoor bar, and absolutely nobody sitting in the outdoor dining area. I parked again, walked in, sat down and started writing. I was completely undisturbed for two hours, and they even kept bringing me glasses of water. It was a great little spot I will try again.

Being a fussy, demanding writer on an island isn’t easy. The usual drawback is the music playing at all the restaurants. I used to have the perfect spot at a German restaurant overlooking the sea. They got so used to me there that they would turn the outside music off for me when I came. Then they closed, and I’ve been bouncing around ever since.

But perhaps that is for the best. A writer’s soul isn’t to be anchored to any one location. A writer is to soar and seek inspiration from a variety of settings, so I’ve become the nomad writer of my island, finding new places in surprising places. So don’t be surprised if you see me around. I’m the guy with the laptop, t-shirt, shorts, sandals, and a contented look on his face.

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