Arts Illustrated: Author Interview with Mark W. Sasse

Arts Illustrated recently published an interview they conducted with me. Arts Illustrated is a wonderful website celebrating the arts. They profile artists, writers, dancers, musicians, and actors, and I am real honored to be chosen for one of their profiles. 

Click HERE to check out the entire interview and to browse their their great site.

Below is a short excerpt from the interview itself. 

2. Why writing?
I realize now that I’ve always been compelled to create. I’m not the scientific type – so I knew my creativity would never find its way out as an inventor or something like that. But as a writer, I can be an inventor of ideas – an inventor of situations – an inventor of stories. This creativity into writing took a dramatic turn about seven years ago when I wrote (with some students) my first play. Since that time, I’ve had the writing bug, and the ideas come at me from all angles at all moments, so I categorize my ideas into different genres of writing. I love writing novels for the intricate plots of a full-developed story. I love writing full-length plays in order to chisel away at some well-defined characters in unique stories. I love writing short plays (10-minute plays) because of the variety and creativity they afford. I even love writing musicals (though I am no musician) because of the melodies which are constantly rattling around in my head. Writing has become a compulsion for me, and I love everything about it. (Though it can be as frustrating as heck sometimes!)

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