Best Easter Movie? Still can’t beat “Ben Hur”

If I say “You can’t beat ‘Ben Hur’” next year, you might be confused because MGM is currently filming a new version of epic Charlton Heston, William Wyler classic. But now it’s still 2015 and “Ben Hur” is, in my estimation, the greatest Easter movie ever created for the silver screen. Here’s my review of Ben Hur from last year:

Review of Ben Hur

Other Easter movies you may want to check out is, of course, “The Passion of the Christ” which is the intense standard if you want the most vivid and brutal depiction of the crucifixion. The imagery is powerful and moving, though not always easy to stomach.

You may also want to watch 2014’s “Son of God” from the same folks that brought the History Channel miniseries “The Bible”.  The “Son of God” has flaws for sure. The storytelling is not nearly as compelling as it could have been and some scenes are just rather stale, but it does have it’s moments and shows a interesting overview of the Passion Week.

What will MGM bring to a new version of “Ben Hur”? Whatever it may be, call me skeptical. Remakes of classics are a risky business. How do you update perfection? Reportedly the writers are going back to Lew Wallace’s classic novel, which can only be a good thing. But with the mood Hollywood is in these days, I’m a little skeptical that they can pull it off. It is scheduled to be released next February. I’ll be sure to see it, and I hope I’m surprised. I doubt it could ever knock off the original one however.

Happy Easter and happy watching!

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