An Independence Day Giveaway

Happy Independence Day all of you Fourth of July celebrators!

As Americans celebrate the freedom and independence that we so greatly cherish, it made me think of my newest novel, where the themes and plot lines mesh incredibly well with the 4th of July.

So to celebrate the release of my new novel in conjunction with Independence Day, I’m giving away two KINDLE copies of “A Love Story for a Nation.”

Winning is super easy. Just send me an email stating how you’d love to win a copy. The first and third email replies will be the winner. I’ll gift you a copy via Amazon using your email address.  (Note, this deal is only applicable for individuals in countries where you can access Amazon digital content.)

And if you are the winner, I’d greatly appreciate a review on Amazon after you read it.

Send me your email right away to:

Enjoy your day, everyone!


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