A Novel Dedication

I’d like to share with everyone the dedication page in my newly released novel. It’s unique because artists who were inspired by my previous work in-turn inspired me to write this novel. I’m so thankful for how these people inspired me. Enjoy.  (Book Link Here)


This novel took a long, winding, and unexpected road. In late summer of 2011, I wrote a ten-minute dramatic sketch called “Almighty Might” for a newly formed drama group called The RLT Players. They performed the skit on December 1, 2011 at the newly opened Penang Performing Arts Centre. Of the seven dramatic skits that The RLT Players performed that night, “Almighty Might” was my favorite.
Two years later, I decided to enter “Almighty Might” into the Kuala Lumpur Short & Sweet Theatre Festival 2013. It was shortlisted and chosen to be directed by Colin Kirton, a well-known Malaysian actor. When I saw the final production that Colin and actors Kaz Shamia, Kevin Chong, and Jessica Ong produced with such emotion and talent, I was immediately blown away by the power and impact that such a simple script was able to attain. As the writer, I received many gracious and encouraging words of how people were moved and touched by the story. But no feedback affected me as much as that of artist Woon-Bin Chang, who was so moved by the performance that he drew an amazing piece of fan-art to express his feelings. I was at a complete loss of words to have someone be drawn by my story to the point of wanting to create a piece of art. As Colin commented at the time, it was art (my play) inspiring art (their production) inspiring art (Woon-Bin’s work). It was humbling to say the least. All of this made me ponder deeply on the story until it furthered inspired me to re-write the two-thousand word “Almighty Might” into a 60,000 word novel. Thus, A Love Story for a Nation was born.
And so it is with great pleasure that I present to you a work of art, inspired by a work of art, inspired by a work of art, inspired by a work of art.

I dedicate this work to Colin Kirton, Jessica Ong, Kaz Shamia, Kevin Chong, and Woon-Bin Chang.

I hope you enjoy.


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