Fran Lewis on her site “Just Reviews” posted her lengthy and thorough review of “A Love Story for a Nation.”  I highly recommend you heading over to her site to check out what she says. Do be forewarned that in such a lengthy review, there may be a few minor spoilers. She gave the story a glowing 5-star review. Here’s a few of her comments:

“Some stories need to be told: This one is exceptional.”

“Author Mark Sasse takes a simple man and turns him into a hero and teaches young people and adults that your voice can be heard in a calm and positive way without violence.”

“Once again author Mark Sasse raises the bar and penned a novel so compelling and thought provoking that once you read this book you will want to read it again as I did.”

“Some voices will not be silenced. Gerald’s won’t! Reoux : It held his soul. He could never leave! Read this poignant novel to learn why!”

This is a great review. Please head over to Fran Lewis’s site to read the rest. Read review here!

ALoveStoryforaNation Cover LARGE


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