Great Little Things about America: Part II

I’m winding down my 5 weeks in America, getting ready to head back to Malaysia. I’ve come to appreciate certain little things about America which I didn’t experience in my 8 day vacation in Europe or at my residence in Malaysia. The first post was about the abundance of parking lots. View post here.This one is about sandwiches, refillable drinks and free water!

2015-07-13 14.08.23

First, lets address that Reuben sandwich. It was amazing. Meat stacked on meat stacked on meat. Something I will NEVER see in Malaysia. Yes, they have Subway, but the amount of meat they put in their sandwiches barely qualifies as protein – a single slice, halfed and displayed across the bun. Pathetic. This is a sandwich! Oh my.

But even greater than that is the drinks available in America. I’m downing a raspberry ice tea there with unlimited refills. Unheard of in both Asia and Europe.

In fact, when we were touring northern Europe, water was a precious commodity. It never came free with meals, and it was expensive to purchase, many times much more expensive than other drinks. In Malaysia, water sometimes will come free with a meal, but often times you either have to buy expensive mineral water or even pay a minimal fee for tap water.

I love it how a big tumbler of ice water automatically comes to one’s table when ordering in an American restaurant. It’s a wonderful little treat that I will no longer take for granted.

So here’s to America: abundant free parking and free ice water!

At least we have that going for us.

(Oh, and awesome sandwiches.)


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