Consider funding a short film by my talented, former student?

I absolutely love to see my former students pushing their creative talents in new ways. The extremely talented and expressive Juliette DeVette is crowd-funding her latest short film entitled “Riptide.”

Please check out the Kickstarter page 

A couple words about Julie. She’s just good at whatever she puts her mind too. Excellent student. Good athlete. She was my catcher one year on my softball team. But most of all, I knew that she would end up being a creative artist – both visual and performing. She’s truly a talent.

She was also one of the original members of my drama group – The RLT Players. She was a senior when we formed the group. The group had a lot of your, untested talent, and I wanted someone with experience to help anchor our first show ever. I approached Julie who immediately expressed interest, but also warned me that she was extremely busy that semester. Because she was so busy, the rehearsals were less than ideal, but on the day of the performances, she shined. She has the ability to command the stage. It was awesome. She graduated on to greater heights (with much more to come) and the RLT Players also have moved on to greater achievements. But I’m also so grateful to Julie for what she did for our little group on December 1, 2011.

She’s a talent that deserves the funding. If you can help, I’d be grateful.

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