Tales of Wonder: Tickets on Sale Now!

My drama group’s new show – RLT Players Christmas: Tales of Wonder – is quickly approaching. Only 54 days out! This is brand new, all original show, and for the first time ever completely themed around Christmas. I’m so excited about it. Here’s the Facebook event page: Facebook

I wrote this show during the summer – July mainly. It consists of 10 dramatic sketches of varying genre. I’m hoping to package this show into book form by the end of the year, because I’d love others to be able to produce it in the future. It’s going to be a ton of fun. Let me highlight the sketches for you.

Does this sound like something you’d enjoy seeing?

“Season’s Greetings” – a grandmother is happily getting the house ready for a visit from her son and family. They haven’t been there in four years. But this year is different, isn’t it?

“The Last Shepherd: A Musical” – This short musical highlights the experience of Baruch, the last shepherd alive who was in the manger the night of Jesus’ birth.

“Jolly Old St. Hick” – A slick city couple get stuck in the middle of red-neck country when their car skids off the road. Jolly old St. Hick is waiting for them.

“Tales of Wonder: A Drama Medley” – A delightful medley of three dramatic pieces highlighting the joy of Christmas: Snow Fort, Santa Daddy, You Gotta Get Up

“Christmas in the Trenches 1914” – adapted from real life, British troops contemplate the Christmas they are missing back home as they look out across the battle field. Could there be a truce between the sides on Christmas Eve?

“Mrs. Claus and the Spies” – a comedy about two elves who spy for Santa, trying to find out what Mrs. Claus got the big boss for Christmas.

“A Vigil for a Starry Night” – a touching, poetic piece about pain and hope on Christmas Eve.

“The Christmas Banquet” – a person is asked to hand out invitations to the Christmas Banquet of the universe, but she’s not sure everyone deserves one.

“National Toy Day” – Congress has just passed a new law, declaring December 25 to be National Toy Day. This isn’t going to sit right with everyone.

“Tree Talk” – the ornaments come alive in their yearly celebration of bringing joy to their family. Candy Cane is shocked to find out that she’s going to be eaten.

It’s a great mix of drama, comedy, and music; sure to put anyone in the holiday mood.

Four shows only at the Penang Performing Arts Centre – December 3-5, 2015.

RLT penangpac visual 3

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