A Party to Rally the (Drama) Troops

We had a lot of fun last night – we being the RLT Players – as I cooked up a feast and we ate, played, and laughed all evening at our October Christmas costume party. Here I am giving my best dictator impression. (That’s usually my nickname.)

2015-10-10 18.23.20

As our show is 7 weeks out, I wanted to encourage everyone to get psyched for what’s coming because I know I am.

So what did we do?

I made my chili-cheese dip and spinach dip for appetizers.

Quesadillas for the main, and homemade ice cream and pumpkin pie for dessert. Oh, and wassail.

Hmmmm. The house had a unique aroma of Thanksgiving mixed with Cinco de Mayo.

But hey, the results were fabulous. And as usual, I totally over-bought for this party, so we are going to have a steady diet of Mexican for the foreseeable future.

We also played some great games: a country finish the song game, sound effects, a mad-lib I wrote for us, and a bunch of other random drama games. Yeah, drama folks are wonderfully weird.

Then we sat and chatted about stories in our lives – theirs were a few years old. Mine were a few decades old. Yikes!

What a great bunch of young actors. Can’t wait to nail this show!


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