A Look at a Director’s/Producer’s Show Week

Did you ever wonder what a director or producer does during show week? I’m not sure what other directors do, but here’s what my week looks like.


Printing all promotional display items which will be displayed outside the theatre.


Put up all the display items on the display boards outside the theatre.


Double final run-throughs of the entire show. Finalizing all props.


Stage painting, getting ready for set-up the following day. We will be painting our triangular stage to look like a Christmas tree. Get ready to measure and paint.


Bump-in. We have to set-up all 12 microphones and plot out the lighting cues. Lighting cues are the bane of most director’s existence because of the excruciating about of time that it takes. But every second spent is worth it. Lights can  make or break a show. Plan on six hours here.


Cast/Crew arrive around 12:30. We will settle in to the backstage area, introduce the props and do a technical rehearsal (showing all lighting cues for the first time). Once finished, we will do a complete dress rehearsal. Then in the evening, show #1.


Dress rehearsal for the pre-show. Cast/crew meeting then performance #2.


Arrive at 11:30. Make-up, meeting show #3.  Meeting. Show #4. Curtain call and re-paint the stage black.


It’s all over. Collapse and sleep.

This is one of the most exhausting and enjoyable weeks of the year for me.

Break a leg, everyone.

(By the way, this is just a small list of jobs. It doesn’t mention monitoring ticket sales, training front of house, ushering in people to make sure they have a seat, dealing with mistakes or equipment which isn’t working. The list goes on forever. Don’t forget to hug a director today!)

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