A Sketch Back to Our Roots

When I wrote this one:

Tree Talk

I was really going back to the roots of RLT. We started by using a lot of object theatre ideas. In our first year, we had a sketch about fruit and even had one person play a rain pipe that was dripping.

I got back at it with “Tree Talk,” wanting to tell a fun story about Candy Cane who discovers on Christmas Eve that she’s going to be eaten by that crazed 6-year old who placed her on the tree.

We have the heirloom Star who encourages her. Red Bulb who is a communist wannabe from 1984. Blue bulb who is blue. Tinsel and Lights who fight over which one illuminates the tree more.

It’s a fun sketch, and after a while, the audience will forget that bulbs and lights don’t actually talk. Because they sure do in our play.

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