In Praise of Venezuelan Socialism (No More)

The number of celebrities who have, at some point or another, praised the policies of deceased Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez is quite extensive. It includes such luminaries as:

  • President Jimmy Carter
  • Oliver Stone
  • Sean Penn
  • Danny Glover
  • Michael Moore

I’m sure there’s more, but they seem to be hiding under a rock at the current moment. Perhaps it was more than just Chavez’s socialistic policies which attracted them to former leader. Chavez did, after all, once call GW Bush the “devil” after Bush gave a speech at the UN. Chavez came after #43 and said “I still smell the sulfur lingering” or something to that effect. Bashing Bush was always good for brownie points with the far-left crowd. But their love affair with all things Chavez went deeper than rhetoric. It was his policies and ways he targeted businesses and industries in order to reign in poverty and help the poor.

Well, unfortunately, Venezuela is now living in the aftermath of Chavez’s policies. An article from 2013 noted that the people were bemoaning runaway inflation which had hit 57%. If only it had stayed at such a pedestrian level. Venezuelans now find themselves waiting for hours in lines to buy meager provisions. And inflation? It’s out of control at 700%! It really makes me feel for the people. Food shortages are everywhere in Venezuela, to the point that today Coca Cola said they were stopping production of their signature beverage because they don’t have any sugar.

Imagine that! Coca-Cola shutting down for the lack of sugar. That tells you how bad things have gotten.

Policies have consequences, and even the best intentions can sometime end up hurting the very people you are trying to help. Venezuelan socialism has been a disaster. I hope Carter, Moore, and others are now ready to pitch in to help the humanitarian crisis which is in the making.

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. Think of it. Now they can’t buy sugar.

Be careful what you invite in the door.

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