A Lot of Drama Accomplishments, 2015-2016

When I started teaching drama at our school, my goal was to expand offerings, get more students involved in a variety of different settings. Looking back on what we’ve accomplished, I think we met our goal and then some. Here’s a brief look at our year.

Our Drama Department 2015-2016

  • September – 6 short original plays – 11 actors
  • November – “Wedding Belles” – 5 actors (my colleagues production)
  • December – “Tales of Wonder: A RLT Christmas” – 4 shows – 11 actors – 10 short plays
  • February – 6 short original plays at our MEW meetings – 14 actors
  • March – “The Pink Panther” Readers Theatre – 15 actors
  • May – “The Secrets of the Magic Pool” – 16 actors
  • May – “Drama & Dance Showcase” – short famous scenes, dance routine, plus a one-act, original play – 9 actors and performers

Totaling that equals to this:

  • 4 full-length productions
  • 15 other short plays in various settings
  • over 80 roles cast (of course, some played by the same actor)

This does not include participation in the Short & Sweet Theatre Festival Penang – not a school event – but we had several students get involve in the fun and win a bunch of awards. This also doesn’t include our students drama performances at the SEA Forensics competition.

I’m really proud of what we have accomplished this year. Over 80 opportunities for students to put themselves on the line and step into the spotlight.

They were fantastic! We have the best drama students anywhere!

Can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

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