Available for Pre-Order: My New Novel – “Which Half David”

I’m happy to announce that the Kindle version of my new novel, Which Half David, is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

Available HERE!

I’ve been working really hard over the last few weeks to get everything into shape, and I’m happy to see it all come together – editing, book cover, final read-through, promotional material, review copies, etc…

It’s my longest novel at about 97,000 words.

It’s being categorized as:  Fiction/Psychological & Fiction/Religious

My wonderful beta readers help me nail down the genre on this. (Because I hate genres. I just right stories.) And while those two genres fit it perfectly, the story itself has some thrilling parts – a motorbike chase scene with the protagonist trying to stop sex trafficking, lots of high courtroom drama, human temptations of the highest form, and a cast of interesting, good, yet flawed characters. Plus, it’s set in the exotic fictitious Southeast Asian country of Sulu, a small republic in the Sulu Sea, between the Philippines and Sabah, Malaysia.

The paperback version will also be available by release date: September 15th.

So please check it out and pass the word on to those interested and eager readers in your life.

Thanks so much!


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