This Week My Brand New Show: STORIES Vol. 1

I’m excited and completely terrified as STORIES VOL 1 comes to life this week. It’s a combination of 21 actors, 1 short musical, and 9 dramatic sketches including my first ever devised theatre piece.

I get to do this all in our brand new auditorium. The inaugural show! I’m running ragged these days as any theatre director will know. I’m barely keeping up with everything on my to-do list. But I did have time to snap a couple shots of rehearsals which also shows off those beautiful Source 4 LED lights.

Opening night April 24.

Waleed & Ahla reprising roles in the award-winning “No in Spite of Itself.”
7 brand new stories and 2 older ones.
Ahmed flying in a rehearsal of our devised piece “Second Chances.”

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