Drama: I do it for its transformative power.

My new show finished its limited two-show run last night

Before the show, one actor told me this: “Being here [doing drama], is the only place I can really be myself.”

After the show, one actor told me: “Thanks for helping me get over my stage fright.”

Another actor said “This was the highlight of the year for me.”

I’ve watched one actor develop from a stiff monotone to a vibrant authoritative voice on-stage.

I’ve watched one actor bloom from a reserved shy girl in public to a strong persona on-stage of whom the audience cannot remove their eyes from.

There were days leading up to the show that I questioned why I do this to myself – the insane hours – battling all the excuses of why an actor didn’t show up – dealing with all the peripherals which make it difficult for everyone to focus on the show.  Is it really worth it?

And then the show happens, and I, once again, begin to see the sheer power of raw drama.  How it is a tranformative force, not only for the audience, but in particularly in the young actor.

I am immensely proud of what this team has accomplished, and if the comments from the audience were any indication to which we are doing something substantive and meaningful, I have to admit that we are, and I’m not changing a thing.

Those mundane, bored, worried, stressed eyes I saw in my actors last weekend had vanished. Last night, they were vibrant, proud, happy, and completely at peace.

That’s why I do drama and why I’ll never quit.

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