Duology: Baseball, History, & the Unbelievable

As pitchers and catchers report this week, there’s no better time to promote my duology of the fictional minor league team the Winasook Iron Horses. These two books are very dear to my heart, and I believe the history lovers, the baseball lovers, and the fantasy lovers in your life will find something charming and engaging about these reads.

These books are written in such a way that I’ve had many readers comment that they had forgotten they were fiction! Of course, it’s stepped in real history, and in many ways very surprising history. My editor even asked me to add an appendix to explain to readers just how much of it is real. Perhaps I’ll post those details later.

But for now, please check out these unique books, which touch upon a little bit of everything. As one reader said, you don’t have to be a baseball fan to enjoy it. But if you are a baseball fan, one who appreciates the nostalgic and magical aspects of the game, please check these out.

Available in both paperback and Kindle ebooks.

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