Crossing Ideas Podcast – Now Live!

I’ve been working hard on a podcast idea since January, and today my podcast has released its first episode!

I’ve been encouraged at different times to start a podcast, and I had considered it a time or two. But I wanted to make sure I had a solid enough of an idea of what I wanted to communicate. Finally, it just clicked: I’m using this podcast to use my overseas living experience as a lens of viewing the world of today. That’s my goal.

The first season of the podcast is focused all on Vietnam and the ten years I spent living there. The first episode, which just released today, is entitled: “What you don’t know about the Vietnam War, Part 1: Early Americans in Vietnam.” This first episode is heavy on history, but overall, this will be a fun mixture of storytelling about my travel experiences with relevant analysis related to today’s society.

Each episode will be accompanied by video excerpts which I’ll post on Youtube.

Where can you find the podcast? EVERYWHERE and anywhere you listen to podcasts. It’s live now on Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartradio, Stitcher, Pandora, Castbox, Pocketcast, RadioPublic, and Google Podcasts will be live in a day or so. Search for it on any of these using “Crossing Ideas.” Follow at any of these locations and you’ll get all future episodes downloaded automatically to your device.

And when will future episodes release? There will be a new episode every Tuesday starting March 21. Season 1 will finish in June, and then season two will release later this summer.

I’ll post some easy follow links below for some of the main podcast sites. Thank you for the support.

Crossing Ideas with Author Mark W Sasse on:


Amazon Music:



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