Someone’s Reading. And That’s Pretty Special.

Authors, especially indie authors, have to fight and claw for every reader they get. It’s an incredibly crowded field in the publishing world these days. Hundreds of thousands of writers of various backgrounds, pedigrees, and experience have published their books in a myriad of places for the reach of millions of readers. The world has never had more books. The world has never had more authors. The world has never had more readers. The world has never had more opportunity.

Think about how lucky Charles Dickens was. Dickens traveled to America as a celebrity in a time there were few celebrities. He would hold readings and people would gather to listen to him recant his tales in person. But really, how much market competition did Dickens have when he’s competing against two dozen writers? (BTW: totally made up number to make a point.) Plus, Dickens didn’t have to compete with other entertainment medium. No Internet. No TV. No cinema. It was either a Dickens’ story or Uncle Jed recalling his move out west on the wagon train.

So hopefully I’ve established the fact that indie authors of 2016 have to work twice as hard to break through the noise and be noticed by readers.

That’s why it’s extra special when you know your book is being read.

I recently did my largest promotion ever. I’ll be sure to share some facts about it later. But what I have noticed is that the book I promoted is getting many reads by folks using Kindle Unlimited. I especially like to see the numbers roll in that thousands of my pages are being read, because that means that THOUSANDS OF MY PAGES ARE BEING READ. While I am writing this, someone is sitting with their Kindle and reading a novel by Mark W Sasse. That’s still the most amazing thought as a writer. My book was chosen over how many hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of other available books.

That’s pretty special. I never take it for granted, and it makes me want to work harder as a writer so I can produce more stories for more people.

Thanks for reading. Now back to my story.


A Season of Change, A Season of Craziness

So much is going on in my life this week that I think I need to write it all down just to keep track of it all.

On the homefront: May 13 marks my 26th wedding anniversary. Planning on doing something special tomorrow evening to celebrate.

On the author front: May 15 marks the end of my new novel on Kindle Scout. Now the two week waiting game ensues to see if Amazon wants to publish it.

On the drama front: May 19 is opening night of my new show, “A Tad of Trouble.” I’m really excited about this one, but wow do we have a lot of work to accomplish before then.

On the family front: My daughter plays in her final high school softball tournament on May 13. Four years, gone in a flash.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, my eldest daughter graduated from college last weekend on May 9.

With so much going on, I feel it’s important to take a moment to reflect upon this remarkable ten day period. So much joy and memories being crammed into a very small fragment of time. So many blessings lined up like well-behaved Terracotta warriors.

I’m so fortunate in so many ways, and it makes me want to remember those who are less fortunate, who suffer daily under a variety of heart-wrenching situations.

May we always cherish the wonderful moments God presents to us, and even in the midst of those, may we always remember to help those around us in need in hopes of creating a wonderful moment for one of them.

I’ll leave you today with a couple of nostalgic shots of my daughter’s last tournament.


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