A Fabulous Review of “The Reach of the Banyan Tree”

I appreciate everyone who reviews my books. Some reviewers write really long, thorough reviews. Other reviewers just a few lines. And then there are some, actually not many, like Glenda Bixler who give thorough and wonderfully visual reviews with photos, text, and a myriad of comments. I really appreciate all the time and effort she put into this amazing review. Please check out the historical photos which she posted to go with the story. The following is the first paragraph of her review:

Based on actual events in 1945, Mark Sasse has created one of the most lovely love stories I’ve ever read. While there is no connection to the group of men who traveled to Tan Trao, a family drama has emerged that began with the grandfather who went to train soldiers in 1945, through the son who fought in the Vietnam war, and on to the grandson… It could have been fate that could create such a story. Instead we thank an author who has given the world another look at a country we have most associated with the last war there… It gives us another glimpse at the people and the beauty of the land and the search for freedom for people who had none for so many, many years… I am thankful I had the chance to read it and totally recommend it to all…  Read the Rest Here!