A Fabulous Review of “The Reach of the Banyan Tree”

I appreciate everyone who reviews my books. Some reviewers write really long, thorough reviews. Other reviewers just a few lines. And then there are some, actually not many, like Glenda Bixler who give thorough and wonderfully visual reviews with photos, text, and a myriad of comments. I really appreciate all the time and effort she put into this amazing review. Please check out the historical photos which she posted to go with the story. The following is the first paragraph of her review:

Based on actual events in 1945, Mark Sasse has created one of the most lovely love stories I’ve ever read. While there is no connection to the group of men who traveled to Tan Trao, a family drama has emerged that began with the grandfather who went to train soldiers in 1945, through the son who fought in the Vietnam war, and on to the grandson… It could have been fate that could create such a story. Instead we thank an author who has given the world another look at a country we have most associated with the last war there… It gives us another glimpse at the people and the beauty of the land and the search for freedom for people who had none for so many, many years… I am thankful I had the chance to read it and totally recommend it to all…  Read the Rest Here!

Book Review from Literary R&R: 5 Stars for “Banyan Tree”

Charlene, a reviewer for Literary R & R, just posted her review of “The Reach of the Banyan Tree.” Here is an excerpt:

“Weaving together a love story with intrigue, action, and historical fiction, this is a beautiful book by a gifted author that has something for everyone.. Most accurately, a familial tale, it teaches the reader of the roots that ground us, the shelter of our forefathers, and the expanse of our actions over further generations.”

Here is the link to the full review on their website: FULL REVIEW HERE!


Review of Banyan Tree from KindleBookReview!

Marilou George, a book reviewer for The Kindle Book Review, just posted her thoughts on The Reach of the Banyan Tree on her blog “Confessions of a Reader”.

Here are a couple excerpts, but I do hope you’ll read the whole review on her website at the link below:

Mark W. Sasse is one of my favorite Authors, and his new book ‘The Reach of the Banyan Tree’ is a stunningly written and deeply moving story. It takes place in Vietnam, where he lived for ten years, and his writing reflects his passion and respect for the country and its people. He weaves his extensive knowledge of Vietnam and the splendor of the countryside into his writing, as he did in ‘Beauty Rising;’ and with such vivid narratives, I could see the story unfolding in my mind. I love the compassion and complexity he puts into his writing. He has the ability to weave together a complex story filled with emotion and beauty, as well as hardship and turmoil.”


A Detailed and Beautiful Review of my Novel by Maniparna

This is one of the most detailed reviews of my new novel, The Reach of the Banyan Tree, written by blogger Maniparna. This will give you an excellent idea of what the novel is about, and a thorough look at my writing style. I’ve included the first couple paragraphs below, but please head over to her website and read the rest.

The Vietnam war still works as an inspiration for novelists . On my first glance to Mark W. Sasse’s historical fiction/contemporary romance novel The Reach of the Banyan Tree , I took it as another war story. But with the turning of every page my heart leaped up with new wonders , it’s not only a book about war , it’s a narration of life , of love , of friendship and destiny.

I reviewed Sasse’s previous publication The Recluse Storyteller and was bowled over by his unique narrative style which reminded me of the ‘stream of consciousness’ style. This time he clearly avoided that and rather has followed the classical method of story-telling .

The story covers a span of almost seventy years , starting from the World War II and ending in 2014 , not at a stretch though. Charles Regal Carson  III , the son of American billionaire Charles Regal Carson II , owner of  Carson Oil , arrives in Vietnam as he wants to live his own life , away from the grandiose of his father. He meets Thuy, a Vietnamese girl and both of them are head over heels for each other. While visiting a historical site , Phuong Hoang Cave in North Vietnam , Chip suddenly discovers his grandfather’s name ,Charles Regal Carson , etched on the stone wall connected by a heart sign with another name , Mai. The mention of the” The Flying Dutchman” phrase after the name makes him sure of his ancestral connection. A plethora of thoughts ransack his minds as he tries to connect the loose end that is related with the name Mai , of whom he knows nothing.

Read the rest here!

A review of “The Reach of the Banyan Tree”

I’m humbled by the latest pre-release review of my third novel. The reviewer calls it an “epic historical fiction love story” which sounds pretty cool to me. She says:

“The Reach of the Banyan Tree is one of those rare romances that reminds you that sometimes love comes at a cost.”

Please check out the full review either on Amazon, Goodreads, or Pinterest:

Goodreads Review

Amazon Review

The book officially releases July 1st!