First Pre-Release Review of “Which Half David”

Book reviewer S. Wilkerson published her pre-release ARC review of “Which Half David” on Goodreads.

She said in part: “The plot is original, full of psychological drama, suspense, twists, turns and surprises.”

You can read the full review here: First Review of Which Half David

“Which Half David” is my fifth novel, scheduled to be released on September 15. It will be available on Kindle and in paperback.

It will be available for pre-order later in August. Stay tuned.

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New Review of “Love Story for a Nation.”

Book reviewer CathyS from CNKbookreviews posted her review of my latest novel A Love Story for a Nation. Here’s her opening excerpt:

“I’ve read four of Sasse’s novels…four very different novels, four very enjoyable reads. Naturally, I dived eagerly into what is now my fifth Sasse read. This is not only different from his other books, it’s also hugely different from anything I’ve read before. It’s quite extraordinary. It’s a rich tapestry of many different threads: history, politics, courage, determination, love, passion, compassion, commitment, loss, heartbreak, tragedy, death, friendship, grief, surprise, sadness, joy, perseverance, hardship, danger, hope. Phew! But I’m not lying. They’re all in there.”

Please head on over to her her site and read the rest of this great review: Read Full Review Here!

You can check out the book HERE!

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Review of “A Love Story for a Nation” on Lit World Interviews

Book Reviewer Colleen Cheseboro recently posted her review of my latest novel A Love Story for a Nation. Her thorough and insightful interview was posted on “Lit World Interviews.”  Here’s how she closed her review:

“Lovers of historical literature and fiction will lose themselves in the events that Mark Sasse has woven around these characters. I finished reading this novel on the Fourth of July while, outside my window, fireworks were exploding celebrating the freedoms of all Americans. It was a poignant moment.”

Please head over to the site and read the entire review.

ALoveStoryforaNation Cover LARGE

Available now on Kindle and Paperback: Read reviews and excerpt HERE!


A New Review of “A Love Story for a Nation”

Inspirational Author and Book Reviewer Dolores Ayotte posted a new review of A Love Story for a Nation, and I’d like to share a few excerpts:

She starts by saying: “It is almost impossible to adequately express in words how moved I was by “A Love Story for a Nation”. The plot of this incredible tale sent shivers down my spine on more than one occasion. Author Mark Sasse is one gifted writer. The depth of his ability to connect with the characters in his stories which permeates through to his readers, to those of us clinging to every word he pens, is beyond description. I’m a huge fan…plain and simple.”

She then goes into a great description of the plot of the book ending with these words:

“I wish there was higher than a 5 star rating because I would definitely give it to this mesmerizing novel. Loved it!!”

I encourage you to go read the full review as it gives some excellent descriptions of the book and will help anyone know whether it would be for them or not.

Read Full Review on Goodreads

Read Full Review and Excerpt on Amazon

Also Check out Dolores Ayotte’s Author Page

Review of “A Love Story for a Nation”

Book Reviewer Michelle Clement James just posted her review of “A Love Story for a Nation” on her website Book Chat. She gave it 5 STARS and here’s how she opened her review:

Mark W. Sasse’s most recent book to be released on July 3, 2015 is a story of the bravery and perseverance of Gerald Sanpatri. After his wife Rosia dies, Sanpatri picks up his pen to fulfill a promise he made to Rosia to start writing again. He starts writing tales of Jonny, his son who died before he was born. They become extraordinary tales of heroism against the palace. On the one-year anniversary of Rosia and Jonny’s deaths, Gerald finds a note in his lunch bag that Rosia left so long ago.  It told him “Remember to just stand there and smile.” Gerald did just that as he started his vigilance on a stone outside the palace gate.  In order to avoid spoilers, I have to stop here.

Please head over to her site and read the rest of the review HERE!


New “Banyan Tree” Review: “Excellent Story, Beautifully Written”

Cathy from Cath’n’ Kindle Book Review recently posted her review of my latest novel, “The Reach of the Banyan Tree.”

She starts off by saying this:

“Mark Sasse never disappoints. He writes with heart and soul and sucks you right into his characters’ world…wherever and whenever it is.”

And ends by saying this:

“It’s an excellent story, beautifully written, quite possibly his best book yet. Highly recommended.”

She says a lot of wonderful things in the middle of those two quotes. Please head on over to her website and check out the entire review. And if it moves you to check out a good read, well I’d be honored to have you read it. Much appreciated!

Read the entire review: HERE!

Book Review: “If Love is a Crime: A Christmas Story”

Nikita Kinny @ njkinny.blogspot wrote a nice review of my new Christmas story. Here’s her opening paragraph. Please head over and read the full text on her website. Thanks all!

Nikita Says: “I have read The Recluse Storyteller by Mark W Sasse and had enjoyed his storytelling style in the book. So, when he told me about this Christmas short story, I was eager to start on it. If Love is a Crime is a tender, heartfelt and passionate story of doing what is right even if it means facing difficulties”.


Book Review from Literary R&R: 5 Stars for “Banyan Tree”

Charlene, a reviewer for Literary R & R, just posted her review of “The Reach of the Banyan Tree.” Here is an excerpt:

“Weaving together a love story with intrigue, action, and historical fiction, this is a beautiful book by a gifted author that has something for everyone.. Most accurately, a familial tale, it teaches the reader of the roots that ground us, the shelter of our forefathers, and the expanse of our actions over further generations.”

Here is the link to the full review on their website: FULL REVIEW HERE!


Review of “Banyan Tree” by inspirational author Dolores Ayotte

Inspirational author and book reviewer Dolores Ayotte recently reviewed The Reach of the Banyan Tree and I must admit, I like the results. Here’s her first paragraph and you can read the rest at the link below. She wrote:

“I am fast becoming a huge fan of talented Author Mark W. Sasse. “The Reach of the Banyan Tree” is the third fictional novel that I’ve read by him and I have thoroughly enjoyed all three. I can certainly see his love and fascination for Vietnam because as in Beauty Rising the setting for this novel takes place there as well. As usual the description of the landscape and surroundings are phenomenal and easy to picture in one’s own mind.”

Read the rest Here!