Still using paperbacks? Here’s the artwork for my new one.

Do indie authors still do paperback versions? I’m sure many do, and I’m one of them. The paperback versions are great for many reasons:

  1. They feel so good in your hands! You work is an actual thing – not just some pixels on a screen. Even if it’s only for the author himself, it’s worth it to get a paperback.
  2. Many reviewers still prefer to hold an actual book in their hands. When you have a paperback, you can place it in their hands. Yes, it costs money, but the return can be worth it.
  3. Paperbacks are great for selling at readings or other meet-and-greet type events. They’re essential, I would argue, for this purpose.
  4. Hey, face it, your friends and family love the paperbacks too!
  5. They are not that difficult to make. If you are even a little savvy with the computer, you can put together your own paperback through Createspace or other company in a snap. Or you can pay someone to do it for you.

For me, making paperbacks available is still a useful strategy for book marketing.

Here’s the artwork for my latest. Thoughts?



Win a Paperback Copy of “Which Half David”

Hello friends. Head on over to Goodreads on the link below and enter to win a paperback copy of my new release, “Which Half David.” It’s an explosive and fun story about a man who seems to conquer the world yet can’t conquer his own soul. If it sounds a little like King David, it’s no coincidence. But this story is set in present day Southeast Asia.

Check it out. And good luck!

Enter to Win “Which Half David”


“A Historical Tall-Tale” – Relevant New Descriptions of my Newest Release

If you haven’t picked up a copy of my newest release, A Love Story for a Nation, here are two new descriptions which might help you see if this book is for you or not.

  1. Someone recently asked if I wrote it like a historical tall-tale? I thought about for a minute and then replied, you got it exactly right. That description seems almost like an oxymoron, but it hits the heart of the story well. It’s a story of love and revolution would could have been set in any number of countries during the 20th century.
  2. A second person said the following: “I just finished A Love Story and thought you should know that I think it is wonderful! Any story that makes you think about your own life; what you could do better; what you should do more or less of to affect positive change…that’s a winner to me.”

Click here for Kindle version $3.99 or paperback $11.99

You can also read reviews, check out an excerpt, or look at my other books. Thanks!

ALoveStoryforaNation Cover LARGE


Awesome Reads: New Blurb for my Newest Novel!

My latest novel is in search of new readers, so let me break-out a new blurb that highlights a different part of the story. Here it is:

When a former writer, Gerald Sanpatri, tragically loses his beloved wife and his unborn child, he picks up his pen once again and escapes into a fantasy world where his son heroically battles the evils of the world which caused his wife’s death. But as Gerald’s fantasy stories become more vividly directed at the real-life dictator of their impoverished nation, he starts to wonder what it would really take to start a real revolution.

Only those who love to get engrossed in stories they can’t put down need apply.

Available on Kindle: KINDLE VERSION

Paperback with FREE Worldwide Shipping: PAPERBACK with FREE SHIPPING

ALoveStoryforaNation Cover LARGE

Review of “A Love Story for a Nation” on Lit World Interviews

Book Reviewer Colleen Cheseboro recently posted her review of my latest novel A Love Story for a Nation. Her thorough and insightful interview was posted on “Lit World Interviews.”  Here’s how she closed her review:

“Lovers of historical literature and fiction will lose themselves in the events that Mark Sasse has woven around these characters. I finished reading this novel on the Fourth of July while, outside my window, fireworks were exploding celebrating the freedoms of all Americans. It was a poignant moment.”

Please head over to the site and read the entire review.

ALoveStoryforaNation Cover LARGE

Available now on Kindle and Paperback: Read reviews and excerpt HERE!


New Novel: The Two Day Countdown

I’m very excited for the release of my fourth novel, A Love Story for a Nation, now only two days away on July 3.

I’m giving away seven paperback copies to lucky readers on Goodreads. You can enter the giveaway HERE!

If your a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read A Love Story for a Nation for FREE!

In conjunction with its July release, I’ll be discounting Beauty Rising, my first novel, to only 99 cents a little later in the month. Also, The Recluse Storyteller, my second novel will be having a very special promotion as well.

Tomorrow and Friday of this week I’ll be having exclusive excerpts of my new novel on my website.

I greatly appreciate your support, and if you can pass the word, let me know.

If you are a book blogger and are interested in reviewing my latest novel, please email at

Order your copy of my new novel HERE!


Proof is in my hand!

I must admit something. It’s quite an amazing feeling to hold one’s own novel in your hand. I received the printed proof in the mail yesterday, and I’ve been devouring it one last time to make sure everything is just right. As an indie author, that’s what must be done. But it’s worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed reliving the story, getting re-acquainted with the characters, and making just a few minor changes along the way.

When I think about everything that went into writing Beauty Rising, it’s hard to believe that the finished print product is just around the corner.   What did go into it?

1) graduating as an English major with a strong interest in creative writing (but being too afraid to do anything with it.)

2) 10 years living in Vietnam, learning the language, culture, and history which was vital in being able to write Beauty Rising.

3) Moving away from Vietnam in order to have necessary perspective.

4) Finding my current job which got me into drama and back into creative writing

5) Suddenly getting the right idea in the spring of 2011.

6) Writing the full novel in the summer of 2011.

7) Having my readers and editors go to work on it for months.

8) Having submitted it to many agents in 2012.

9) Writing my second novel in the summer of 2012. (I told myself I wouldn’t release it until I did it again.)

10) Proofreading and proofreading. Editing. Revising. Proofreading.

11) Releasing it digitally!

12) After a friend designed the cover, I designed the back and spine.

13) Proofing the proof.

14) Final release and marketing.

It’s been so much fun. I’ve learned so much in the process, and I’m so thankful for the many supporters and readers who have been so encouraging.

Available soon: Beauty Rising in paperback. Details to follow soon!

paperback beauty risingj