A Timely Story of the Courage to Change

Some protest in violence. One man stands in silence.

When writer Gerald Sanpatri loses everything he holds dear, he has a choice to make. His anger leads him to the crowded Presidential Square, full of mob mentality and wrath towards the brutal dictator Antoine. As Gerald takes part in the demonstration for freedom, he allows his angst to bubble close to the brink of desperation, and he sees the soldiers come forth out of the gates, unleashing a torrent of pain and violence on the seething crowd.

Gerald cowers. He sees a young teen fall dead at his feet. Fear grips him, and he flees for his life into the desperate seat of the rebellion.

He comes to believe that violence cannot be the answer, and that a soul as broken as himself cannot cause a revolution. He can’t right all the wrongs. But he can remove the garbage dump from underneath his neighbor’s house. He can write stories of courage and goodness.

So one day, he returns to the Presidential Square where he stands on his sore feet with a smile on his face and a dream in his pocket. And he waits for the revolution to come.

A story of courage. A story of hope. A story of achieving the unthinkable. Experience the amazing story of Gerald Sanpatri, the man who decided to pen “A Love Story for a Nation.”

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New Year’s Resolutions Get a Bad Rap

New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap.

That’s probably because they have the life span of a gnat. Usually.

It takes a tremendous amount of will-power and discipline to stick with something beyond a “honeymoon” two-week period following the excitement of the holidays.

Some of you can feel the stares from your spouse already. Or the whispers. Looks like she’s fallen off the wagon early this year, he might say to himself when he sees you down a whole cheesecake on January 6. In your defense, it did have fruit on top, so that’s something.

But just because a good habit is stopped doesn’t mean it was a bad idea in the first place. Far from it. Good habits are always good ideas. A list of personal improvements or goals is an excellent way to take inventory of your life.

The point all of us making resolutions have to remember is this: don’t let the cheesecake on January 6 define us.

The great thing about being human is that everyday starts out with the sun rising. The past is exactly that. We have a new opportunity to start anew and do all those things that we didn’t do yesterday. A New Year’s resolution is all about staying positive, being optimistic that despite yesterday’s failure, today is the day I’m going to lick it! (I don’t mean the cheesecake.)

So perhaps instead of having New Year’s resolutions, we need to have daily resolutions. What am I going to do today to improve my quality of life? What am I going to do today to be a positive influence on those around me? What am I going to do today to get one step closer to kicking that bad habit of mine that’s been bugging me?

Go ahead and make those resolutions. Push forward and encourage others to do the same. Don’t bash them or give them the “I told you so” when they fail to fulfill their commitment. If we can do these simple steps, I think we will help everyone’s lives to be a little bit better.