Top Episodes of the Cold War

We’re making a video series on the Cold War in one of my classes: Cold War Episodes, Season 1.  Here’s the outline. How is this for covering the Cold War? Any suggestions?

Episode 1: The Iron Curtain is Coming 

An examination of post-WWII Europe including Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech.

Episode 2: Salvation from the Sky 

When access to West Berlin is cut-off, the Allies of WWII jump into action, resulting in the Berlin Airlift.

Episode 3: The Domino Theory 

The U.S. political leadership puts forth a theory of communist domination which must be stopped at all costs. The theory is tested in Korea aVietnam.

Episode 4: The Red Scare 

Senator Joe McCarthy puts a chill up the spine of Americans through his unrelenting exposure of the red threat inside America’s borders.

Episode 5: Mutually Assured Destruction 

An examination of life in the Cold War from the arms race to preparedness on the home front.

Episode 6: The Space Race 

The U.S. and Soviets go to war in space, trying to prove which country is superior.

Episode 7: Disaster at the Bay of Pigs 

The newly elected Kennedy administration decide to attempt a coup against the communist revolutionary Fidel Castro.

Episode 8: Stand-off in Cuba 

For 14 days, the world was on the brink of nuclear war, as the Americans gave the Soviets an ultimatum: remove your missiles from Cuba or else!

Episode 9: Reagan & the Evil Empire 

A look at Reagan’s view of the Soviet Union, his relationship with Gorbachev, and how he helped influence the “tearing down of the wall.”

Top Eight Cold War Issues

In my history class, I decided to mix things up and try something different this year when dealing with the Cold War. We decided to create a “TV Series” entitled “Cold War Episodes” in which we outlined the biggest issues and events that everyone should know about the Cold War. At some point, I’ll probably breakdown each of these into their own posts, but for today, I’m just going to outline them to see how we did in picking out the most pertinent Cold War issues. If you have other ones you would have included, please let us know. Thanks for the feedback.

Episode 1: The Iron Curtain is Coming 

A look at post-WWII Germany and Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech with set the tone.

Episode 2: Salvation from the Sky

A look at the Berlin Airlift and what it meant for the Cold War.

Episode 3: The Domino Theory

A look at how U.S. policymakers decided to stop communism at all costs, including fighting wars in Korea and Vietnam.

Episode 4: Mutual Assured Destruction

A look at how the arms race between the Soviet Union and the USSR changed the way people lived in the 1950s.

Episode 5: The Red Scare

A look at McCarthyism and the hysteria around the Cold War era.

Episode 6: Bay of Pigs

A look at the botched attempt to overthrow the Castro regime in Cuba.

Episode 7: The Space Race

A look at how desire to conquer space the earliest meant a lot for Cold War egos.

Episode 8: The Cuban Missile Crisis

A look at how the Kennedy administration stared down their Soviet counterparts, forcing them to remove their missiles from Cuba while the world breathed cautiously on the edge of nuclear war.