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Finishing Touches on New 10-Minute Musical

I’ve had the privilege twice to work with musically talented Shion Beak on short musicals. Here’s how it works:

  • Me, extremely challenged in music, come up with a musical concept, lyrics, and basic melody.
  • I make a (very) rough recording of it.
  • I give it to Shion, and she does her magic, sending back a multi-layered, multi-instrument track which always makes my jaw drop.

She finished her part on the musical in early June. It’s entitled “Captured in Time and Space”, basically 4 songs rolled into one with a common chorus repeated 4x that gives it cohesiveness. The premise is quite simple. Three individuals who face different obstacles calling out to the heavens asking for help “Where you want me to go? What you want me to say? I can’t go alone.”

This weekend I just finished recording, with my daughter, a track with sample vocals to send to KL’s Short & Sweet Musical Festival later this month. We’ll see if it will be chosen to be put into production. Hopefully it will. Shion and I are sharing the composer credits, while I’m the sole lyricist.

Eventually, it will be part of Season 3 of the RLT Players – my amazingly fun drama troupe that performs short plays and musicals.

I’m really happy with how “Captured in Time & Space” turned out. Any choreographers out there who want to work with my RLT Players this fall?

Thought I’d ask.

Lyrics and sample music to follow at some point!

Take Two – Romantic/Comedy/Musical on sale NOW!

Join the whacky film crew from the “other world” as they  are sent to film the life of Aubrey Culpepper who has serious guy problems.  As Aubrey leaves another man at the altar, things get really wild behind the scenes as the egotistical director Floomenberg keeps changing screenwriter Sneergarble’s script much to the chagrin of the mysterious film producer Zelderphen.  Will Aubrey ever find her true love or is she just a pawn being controlled by the “other world”? With catchy songs and crazy antics, Take Two is a comedic joy ride that is hard to resist.