The Sistine Chapel Dramatic Sketches

We had three successful days performing our dramatic sketches in the replica Sistine Chapel at penangpac. The four sketches were meant to enhance the viewing of the chapel paintings by telling stories related to the painters or their subjects.

“The Heavyweight Fight of the Ages: Almighty God vs. Nothingness” – this one focused on several of Michelangelo’s paintings on the ceiling dealing with the creation.

“Apathy” focused on Michelangelo’s paintings about Adam & Eve.

“Moses & Michelangelo” (the only one not written by me – it was well written by Jackie Ashkin following a concept of mine) dealing with the paintings of Moses and the biographical background of Michelangelo.

“The Life of Christ in Verse” focused on the paintings of the life of Christ in sort of rhythmic poem that blended the themes of four poems into one.

The actors did a great job rotating their skits in and out of the chapel. They performed a total of ten times over three days to a bunch of different people. Here are a couple photographs from opening night:

2014-05-20 18.23.54 2014-05-20 18.24.16 2014-05-20 18.29.55 2014-05-20 18.30.20