Proofreaders … ahh … well, hang on. A little snag.

Remember that cheeky post from the other day, gloating that I was done with revisions and ready to send to my proofreaders.

Well, no, that isn’t happening. Not yet.

Remember that other post I had about the curse of reading my own writing. As I started doing one final read-through before handing it to the proofreaders, I realized that I still had work to do.

So The Recluse Storyteller is getting yet another face-lift. It will be a gentle one without a lot of scar tissue, but I realized that it is absolutely an essential make-over because it is making the story that much better.

When you get to the point in editing where all you worry about are the darn commas, then perhaps you are ready for your proofreader.

But I caught a few snags that didn’t sit right with me and I refuse to push aside nagging snags no matter how badly I want to get the book finished. If I can improve it, I will.

And I am. This makes me happy.

I found some additional wonderful ways to tie the various stories of the storyteller together which add layers of meaning, complexity, and connections that will, hopefully, intrigue the readers even more.

I’m so excited about this book and it is STILL ON SCHEDULE. I built in extra editing time just for occasions such as this.

So at the moment, I’m half way through the manuscript for the umpteenth time. Once finished, I’ll give it a quick perusal and send to my proofreaders, hopefully, by the weekend.

Two months and one week until its release.