2013: Looking Back on My Year in Writing

2013 looks like it might take the title for me as the most prolific writing year I ever had. Here are the highlights:

January – May

  • Published the paperback version of Beauty Rising
  • Wrote mini-musical “Captured in Time & Space” and the short play “No in Spite of Itself”
  • Started writing my third novel, The Reach of the Banyan Tree
  • Finished and submitted my Master’s thesis (about 75 pages including citations – approved in May.): NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE INDOCHINA BETWEEN RHETORIC AND REALITY: The Shifting Policies of the Roosevelt and Truman Administrations

June – August

  • Finished writing my third novel in early July.
  • Wrote seven short plays – “Black & White”, “Skydiver”, “The Loudest Child in Church”, “I Once Was Blind”, “Jerome, The Malevolent God-King”, “The Giant Squid that Ate Georgetown”
  • Finished final editing for my second novel, The Recluse Storyteller

Sept – Dec

  • My play “No in Spite of Itself” won best script in 2013 Short & Sweet Festival Penang
  • Published my second novel, The Recluse Storyteller  (Oct)
  • My musical “Captured in Time & Space” and “Almighty Might” were performed as part of the Short & Sweet Festival KL
  • I wrote (with a group of student writers) a full-length musical, Boardwalk Melody, to be produced in 2014.
  • I directed my drama troupe’s production of “RLT Players present ‘Captured in Time & Space.'”
  • I wrote a Christmas short story, “Angel on the Courthouse”, for my hometown paper “The Butler Eagle”.
  • I started writing my fourth novel. To be finished in 2014.

Very fun and productive year. Much more to look forward to in 2014! I’ll highlight that in my next post.