Indie authors plan – the reading gods laugh.

An indie author can only cast a wide net.

The problem is that there is no way to know how many readers will be caught in the net’s webbing. Sometimes it’s a great haul. Sometimes it’s a rusty can and an old boot.

Is there anything less scientific in the world than trying to determine how to find readers?

I’ve posted recently about my anemic Goodreads ad. I’ve had a lot of anemic ads.

I’ve had some ads that have worked.

I’ve had free promotions which were amazing – digital copies flew off the imaginary shelves like a black Friday sale at Walmart.

I’ve had free promotions which were quite stagnant.

I’ve had good reviews which generated a bunch of sales.

I’ve had good reviews which generated about as much interest as my former cat had in me petting her.

What does it all mean?

It means that indie authors plan, the reading gods laugh.

There is no formula.

No magic bullet.

No one size fits all marketing plan that will work. There’s no guaranteed blog tour, or Amazon algorithm, or amazing guest post, or (most definitely) Goodreads ad which is going to be the magical breakthrough you are looking for.

What am I saying? Is it useless to try and promote your writing?

Not at all. It is just impossible to know what will work. (It’s rather easy to know what will not work, but I’m guessing you’ll try it anyways. Why not? It’s just money.)

The reading gods are in control. They laugh at our effort, and they occasionally grand mercy on a poor indie soul, by opening the floodgates and releasing untold readers upon an unsuspecting plot.

When it will happen, nobody knows.

Who it will happen to, nobody knows.

All an indie author is to do is to keep the faith, keep promoting, cast that wide net, try new things, and try your darnedest to ingratiate yourself into the bosom of the reading gods.

You just never know.

(Can you tell I spent the afternoon on promotion?)

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