Review at the Tarentum Book Club

I am truly honored. My novel, “The Reach of the Banyan Tree,” is being reviewed at the prestigious Tarentum Book Club in Tarentum, Pennsylvania. This is no ordinary book club. It was founded in 1901 for the sake of bringing ‘women together that are interested in Literature and Science, for the purpose of mental culture.’

Here’s the 2001 newspaper article which highlighted the group’s 100th year anniversary meeting. 100 Year Anniversary News Article

And now, in 2015, the group is still going strong and they are reviewing my book! How awesome is that? Oh, how I wish I could sit in on this! Too bad I’ll be 12,000 miles away.

However, my sister has been invited, and she was asked to bring some Vietnam knickknacks to help decorate the house, setting the scene for the review of the book based on Vietnam. These ladies go all out! They even asked my advice for what kind of dessert would be Vietnamese. That’s easy. Fruit.

On so on this Friday, October 9th, I am honored to be chosen for review at the Tarentum Book Club. I hope my story provided some interesting reading and stimulated some good discussion. I hope it was worthy enough for “mental culture.” That’s a mighty high task! But I am grateful and humbled that you chose my book.

I hope you enjoy!

Banyan Tree Cover med


Hugging Scrivener

Have you hugged your Scrivener lately?

OK, I had a student catch me in the act of hugging Scrivener. Yes, I do love it that much. Here’s the proof:

hugging scrivenerAnd she happened to catch me with my jersey on to make it all that special.

I have a group of six students who meet with me on Wednesday in a little book club that we have. We are currently reading through “The Recluse Storyteller” together. Each week I’ll do a short oral interpretation on one of the passages from the week, and then I usually pick a topic of interest to discuss with these rambunctious young writers.

Today’s topic was the amazing writer’s program called Scrivener. I told them that when they get serious about their writing to purchase it right away, and they shall never regret it.

We then wrote a sample novel that considered of three chapters, about 25 total words, and an impossibly absurd title which I absolutely loved – so much so that I think I shall write a short play with that title.

Anyways, I showed them the virtues of Scrivener on the big screen and had to give it a little hug to emphasis how much I don’t miss WORD or GOOGLE DOCS.

Just another crazy fun day at book club.