New Release Giveaway! 2 Paperback Copies of “Which Half David”

To celebrate the release of my 5th novel, “Which Half David,” I’m giving away two free copies on Goodreads.

Enter to win the giveaway HERE!

Is your obsession worth killing for?

American mission worker Tobin Matthews becomes a local hero and celebrity in the Sulu Republic when he inadvertently foils a gang of human traffickers. But the heroism cannot mask his desperate soul, which wrestles with a broken marriage and a crippling set of doubts. As he sinks to a new low, his brazen ex-lover arrives in Sulu with her own agenda. The Asian beauty quickly becomes the greatest temptation of his life, and he must decide how far he is willing to go to have her.

Which Half David is a modern twist on the centuries old tale of King David. Set against the lush backdrop of the fictitious Southeast Asian island nation of Sulu, it is the story of one man’s dramatic fall from grace, and his struggle to come to grips with both halves of who he really is.




Another Giveaway: Free Copy of New Novel on Paperback

Hey friends,

I have a new giveaway on Goodreads which just started. I’m giving away a paperback copy of “A Love Story for a Nation.”

Enter to win HERE!

I’m proud of this story. It has a lot to say about freedom and being willing to stand up for what you believe.

If you like ebooks, you can pick up an inexpensive Kindle version HERE!

Thanks for your support!

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Win $400 in Amazon Gift cards!

Hey all,

I’ve teamed up with the Kindle Book Review to offer $400 in holiday gift cards! Isn’t this the right time of the year to win some money and buy some gifts for loved ones?

This special runs from December 7-21 and in the process, you can help promote my latest novel, “A Love Story for a Nation.” It’s completely free. So you have nothing to lose and only $400  to gain.

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kindle book review giveaaway dec 2015

Gee, which one is mine? No good-looking faces on it. That’s for sure.

Two Book Giveaways for USA & Malaysia

I have simultaneous book giveaways which just kicked off in the USA and Malaysia on Goodreads.

First, if you live in the USA, you can get yourself a paperback copy of my new release, “A Love Story for a Nation.”  Head on over to Goodreads at this LINK to enter.

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Second, if you live in Malaysia, you can enter to win a copy of my debut novel in paperback, “Beauty Rising.” And you might have a good chance to win. Only three have entered so far, so the odds are in your favor. Here’s the link: Beauty Rising

Beauty Rising Mark W Sasse

Win a Paperback Copy of My Soon-to-be-Released New Novel!

To celebrate the release of my fourth novel, A Love Story for a Nation, I’m giving away seven copies to lucky winners on Goodreads.

Please head over to the Goodreads Giveaway page to enter. It’s simple, free, and potentially a great new summer read for you!

Goodreads Giveaway Page


An exiled, ex-writer.

Reawakened by an unexpected love interest.

He finds himself suddenly being pulled once again into the written word.

As he does so, he finds himself in the middle of a revolutionary cell group.

But is everything as it really appears?

Explosive, gripping, touching. Meet the man at the center of it all: Gerald J. Sanpatri

Releases July 3 in Kindle and Paperback

Pre-order Kindle version HERE!

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Win a Paperback Copy of My Novels!

I know many people still prefer the feel of a real book – paper and glue – in your hands. Well, here’s your chance to win a paperback copy of either “The Reach of the Banyan Tree” or “Beauty Rising” through a Goodreads giveaway.

All you need is a free Goodreads account and you can win. You can click the links below to enter. Good luck and I do hope it’s a good read for you!

Enter to Win a Paperback Copy of “The Reach of the Banyan Tree”

Enter to Win a Paperback Copy of “Beauty Rising”


I like Vietnam so much, it’s unfair. Here’s proof.

I stacked the deck in a soon to be closing Goodread’s giveaway of my first novel, Beauty Rising.  Look at this:

beauty rising8-27-2014 10-13-01 PM

I’m giving away a free copy to only people from Vietnam. This, perhaps, is one of the all time great giveaways in terms of odds on Goodreads. Currently, as I type this, only seven people requested it. Isn’t that awesome!

It closes on September 1st, so notify all of your Vietnamese friends who are fluent in English to enter to win!