Author Event: Reading & Book Sale @ Penangpac

I’m excited to be taking part in Penang Performing Arts Centre 4th Anniversary Open Day on November 15. I’ve been asked to read an excerpt from “A Love Story for a Nation,” and I’ll be selling paperback copies of all four of my novels at attractive prices.

So if you are going to be in Penang on November 15, reserve your seat today. Seating is free but limited, so call ahead to reserve: (60) 0174212740

Here’s the Open Day Link!

In addition to my reading, my play “Words to Say at the End of the World” will be giving its final performance as the opening act of the event.

It’s going to be a ton of fun!

ALoveStoryforaNation Cover LARGE

My Biggest Promotion Ever is Coming Soon

You have to spend money to make money.

I really wonder if that saying applies to indie authors. Later this month, I will be having the largest, most expensive, and wide-spread promotion I’ve ever done.

I have no idea what the outcome will be, and I don’t pretend to think it will be successful. I’m simply following another saying: you never know until you try.

I’m pretty sure that all indie authors have felt the squeeze the last couple of years. The number of free and discounted websites have either dwindled or changed policies in order to keep up with their costs. It’s simply a lot more expensive to advertise today as an indie author than it was in 2013.

The competition is also much fiercer. I can’t imagine the number of new novels and books which are flooding the market each month. How many are from new authors? A lot, I bet. I also won’t pretend to evaluate the quality of the books either. In all honesty, it’s a rare book that grabs my attention these days. What I typically see on social media is simply not a draw for me. I have no idea how my novels stack up with the average indie novel, whatever that means.

For me, I’m satisfied with what I have produced. I’m not ashamed to put my name on the novels, anyhow. That’s enough for me. Of course, I’m always thrilled when I’m able to connect with a reader or have someone recommend my work.

So here I am, gearing up for my largest promotion ever. I’m dishing out some cash, okay if it never comes back. I have a novel I believe in, the reviews have been fantastic so far (received a great one today I’ll shared soon), and I’m willing to take that next step. Could it be one step forward, two steps back? Possibly. But it’s time to make a push, and if it fails, I’ll try again at another time, and if that fails … It’s okay. I’m not in it for the money.

More details on the promotions coming soon!

I scream UNCLE! Okay, Back to Marketing

I recently posted how I really don’t care about marketing.

I do however care about my writing.

I also would love to be able to “retire” someday and write full-time.

I guess that means that I need to start caring about marketing. So I’ve decided to come back from my little anti-marketing hiatus for a couple of reasons:

  1. Grit. I should display it since I talk about it a lot. I’m in this writing thing for the long-haul, not for some quick get-rich scheme. (which certainly isn’t working if that was my plan)
  2. I can’t hide behind my busy-ness forever. Yes, I’m always busy. I teach full-time. I direct drama. I write and produce drama. I have a family. I have a writing routine. I have endless writing projects on the horizon. Yes, I am busy. I always will be, but that in itself cannot be my excuse for not marketing. I have to move forward.
  3. I’d like to find some new readers.
  4. I’d like to sell some new books.
  5. I’d like to get exposure for my new release, which I really like.

So here’s my commitment to myself – set a date and get started!

So I’m going to be organizing my first big push for my new release sometime in September. It will probably be a 99 cent Kindle sale for “A Love Story for a Nation.” Let’s do multiple days. Let’s go ahead and buy a bunch of advertising and see what happens!

I’ll also be hitting the blog circuit and asking for additional reviews. If anyone is interested in reviewing my latest, let me know. I’ll also be looking to do some guest posts and other promotional ideas as the opportunities beacon.

I have always believed that success comes from the commitment to the long-haul. It’s time to get back to doing it.

Much more on this promotion in the coming weeks.

Thanks to all who have continually supported my writing endeavors.


I am NOT a best selling author!

So let’s get this straight: I am NOT a best selling author!

Sometimes I feel I’m in the minority. Every time I turn around or click on another page I see the following ascribed to (it seems like) nearly every author – all of whom I never heard of:

“Best Selling Author!”

(I just did a quick unscientific survey of few bestsellers on Amazon but interestingly enough, none of those authors had the title “Best Selling Author” behind their name. It’s almost as like actual best-selling authors don’t need to announce that they are best-selling authors.)

Obviously, there are a lot of variables that are taken into account when talking about best-sellers, but when is it legitimate for you to call yourself a best-selling author?

When your book hits the top 100?

When your book is a certified best-seller by the New York Times or USA Today?

When your book hits the top 10?

What about categories? What about subcategories?

Are you only a best seller if your book is in the top 100 overall? What about the top 100 historical fiction? What about the top one-hundred historical fiction romance? Or historical fiction romance time travel alien conquest?

It’s a good thing that I never have this problem or I would never know when it is appropriate for me to call myself a “best-selling author.” ┬áThat would be a frustrating moniker to have to deal with.

Perhaps I should call myself a “best-freeing author” because I’m quite good at giving books away for free. My debut novel, “Beauty Rising” topped out at #11 on the overall Amazon free chart. But I’m not sure if I call myself a “best-freeing author” if that would do me any good. I’d probably just get strange stares.

Sometimes this whole topic just gets me wondering if so-called “Best Selling Authors” are just that. Are numbers and stats being used in a fast and loose way. Is their definition of best-seller my definition? Do readers even care if that adjective is being used to describe an author? Will it really convince a reader to buy a book?

You’ll notice that I have more questions about this topic than answers, so if you have any insight, I’d be happy to listen.