Mapping out the story

Today, I wrote up one sentence synopsis for each of the scenes of my new play “The Secrets of the Magic Pool.”  This will be going into the playbill during the show, but I thought it was quite telling of how I wrote it. I like to write stories where several characters have major parts, and I’ve accomplished this in this story. You can see this by noting the different characters which are used in each synopsis. The overall story is about Eva, but Eva only shows up in several of the synopsis. The same could be said for the witch or the beggar. It’s fun using other characters to bring the story around and to shift the focus in a meaningful way. Here’s the scene by scene synopsis. This is going to be a great show. Can’t wait!

Act I

Scene 1: Cane is banished and meets the witch

Scene 2: The princess waits for him. The cobbler complains.

Scene 3: Cane meets the beggar and Eva

Scene 4: Prince Casimir arrives at the castle

Scene 5: The cobbler’s girls drive him crazy.

Scene 6: Baker and Cobbler have a dispute.

Scene 7: The prince returns. Cane goes insane.

Scene 8: Eva & Cane meet a second time.

Scene 9: The witch changes tactics.

Scene 10: The journey is not what it seems.


Act II

Scene 1: The true story of Eva

Scene 2: Atty is in trouble.

Scene 3: Atty and the beggar.

Scene 4: Majji and Casimir disagree.

Scene 5: Cane comes to claim the water.

Scene 6: A surprise visitor at the cobbler’s house.

Scene 7: Majji and Casimir part ways.

Scene 8: Majji finds the past.

Scene 9: The witch’s visit.

Scene 10: The final meeting.


Playbill for Opening Night

Just returned from the amazing opening night of my new play, “Tales of Wonder.”  Here’s middle two pages from the playbill which lists the show order.

Tales of Wonder: A Drama Medley

“Arise & Touch the Dawn” by Mark W. Sasse

Recorded & Arranged by Elisabeth Brokaw

¨ Snow Fort Boys & girls fighting in the snow

Starring: Seth Kelley, Sara Stoltzfus, Ysabel Loh, Aaron Kelley

¨ Santa Daddy A little girl mistakes her daddy for Santa

Starring: Joel Halbedl, Lilian Li, Hannah Graves

¨ You Gotta Get Up Two excited girls wake up their parents on Christmas morning

Starring: Hinako Kawata, Lexi Zimbulis, Joel Frohlich,

Kimberly Horton


Christmas in the Trenches, 1914

Three British soldiers reminisce of Christmas Eve memories as they look out across the battlefield. They go on high alert when they hear strange  noises from the other side. Inspired by true events.

Starring: Aaron Chand, Seth Kelley, Joel Frohlich


Season’s Greetings

Mrs. Banks is preparing her house for her family’s first Christmas visit in four years. Will the mailman ruin everything?

Starring:  Kimberly Horton, Seth Kelley, Aaron Chand


Jolly Old St. Hick

Two city slickers are stuck having Christmas Eve with a redneck.

Starring:  Hannah Graves, Aaron Chand, Joel Halbedl, Sara Stoltzfus


National Toy Day

A new law has been passed declaring Dec 25 as National Toy Day

Starring: Ysabel Loh, Seth Kelley, Sara Stoltzfus, Kimberly Horton, Lilian Li, Hinako Kawata


The Spies & Mrs. Claus

Two elves spy for Santa to see what Mrs. Claus got him for Christmas

Starring: Kimberly Horton, Lexi Zimbulis, Aaron Chand


Tree Talk

The ornaments are happy to out of storage again! But candy cane freaks out when she finds out what will become of her.

Starring: Sara Stolzfus, Lexi Zimbulis, Lilian Li,

Hinako Kawata, Joel Halbedl,  Ysabel Loh, Joel Frohlich,

Kimberly Horton


The Christmas Banquet

An invitee shows up early for the Christmas Banquet. When the host asks her to help invite others, the invitee realize it is not what it seems.

Starring: Lexi Zimbulis, Hannah Graves & the RLT Players


A Vigil for a Starry Night

A broken soul looks to the skies for hope.

Starring: Ysabel Loh, Hannah Graves

“Silent Night” Dance choreographed by Ysabel Loh


The Last Shepherd: A Musical

A musical of the last shepherd to be alive the night of the birth in the manger, and an outcast woman looking for mercy and hope.

Starring: Joel Frohlich, Ysabel Loh, Kimberly Horton

& the RLT Players’ Ensemble


Lyrics by:  Mark W. Sasse


Music by:

Elisabeth Brokaw, Christina Kim, Hannah Buhr, Mark W. Sasse


Arrangements and recordings by:

Elisabeth Brokaw, Christina Kim, Hannah Buhr