Happy Valentines Day from Prince Casimir

Happy Valentines Day! Here’s the ever romantic Prince Casimir from one of my favorite plays – “The Secrets of the Magic Pool” – with some prodding from Majji, telling the Princess how he feels about her. I miss this cast and crew so much. It was so much fun. Here’s hoping Casimir gets you in the mood for the day!


              You really are a foolish girl.


As is often said, foolish girls are chased by foolish boys.


Then I am a fool. The most complete fool for love who has ever existed.

(He takes her hand. She turns away from him in embarrassment.)


I heard you were leaving.


Perhaps. If I do have to leave, will you miss me?



Oh, I suppose, a little.


Literally a little? Like a grain of sand? Or a little like an understatement, like the summer would miss warm evening air or like the sea would miss the cadence of the tide? Which is it?


If you must go…


I must. And I know exactly how much I shall miss you. I shall miss the complexion of your skin, a gentle pale hue, the envy of every heavenly sky. I shall miss your ruby lips, as soft and moist as a droplet of morning dew on the petal of a ruby-red rose.I shall miss the sound of your voice – how it echoes my heart’s yearning. How I long to hear just one phrase roll sweetly off your tongue into my ears. It’s all my heart desires.


                (getting flustered)

What phrase is that?


The same phrase I’ve been trying to tell you for a long time.


And what phrase is that?


The same phrase that Antony said to Cleopatra.

(Majji is sneaking back in and eavesdropping.)


And what phrase is that?


The same phrase that—


                (Majji quickly stands up and yells.)

I love you!

(pauses awkwardly for a moment)

Would you two just say it?


The Actors Speak #2

Here are the rest of my talented actors and what they have to say about themselves and our new play.

World Premiere: May 13-14 @ the Penang Performing Arts Centre.

ActorPromoBoards5 ActorPromoBoards6 ActorPromoBoards7

The Actors Speak #1

Here are some promo sheets I made for my upcoming show. I’m really excited about this one: “The Secrets of the Magic Pool.”  The script is available for purchase HERE!

And now the thoughts of some of my incredibly talented actors.

ActorPromoBoards1ActorPromoBoards2 ActorPromoBoards3 ActorPromoBoards4

Mapping out the story

Today, I wrote up one sentence synopsis for each of the scenes of my new play “The Secrets of the Magic Pool.”  This will be going into the playbill during the show, but I thought it was quite telling of how I wrote it. I like to write stories where several characters have major parts, and I’ve accomplished this in this story. You can see this by noting the different characters which are used in each synopsis. The overall story is about Eva, but Eva only shows up in several of the synopsis. The same could be said for the witch or the beggar. It’s fun using other characters to bring the story around and to shift the focus in a meaningful way. Here’s the scene by scene synopsis. This is going to be a great show. Can’t wait!

Act I

Scene 1: Cane is banished and meets the witch

Scene 2: The princess waits for him. The cobbler complains.

Scene 3: Cane meets the beggar and Eva

Scene 4: Prince Casimir arrives at the castle

Scene 5: The cobbler’s girls drive him crazy.

Scene 6: Baker and Cobbler have a dispute.

Scene 7: The prince returns. Cane goes insane.

Scene 8: Eva & Cane meet a second time.

Scene 9: The witch changes tactics.

Scene 10: The journey is not what it seems.


Act II

Scene 1: The true story of Eva

Scene 2: Atty is in trouble.

Scene 3: Atty and the beggar.

Scene 4: Majji and Casimir disagree.

Scene 5: Cane comes to claim the water.

Scene 6: A surprise visitor at the cobbler’s house.

Scene 7: Majji and Casimir part ways.

Scene 8: Majji finds the past.

Scene 9: The witch’s visit.

Scene 10: The final meeting.