Twenty Shows: A Ten Year Lookback

Go back eleven years and drama wasn’t even in my radar. It may not have been in my galaxy, and if it was, it certainly wasn’t connected with original drama.

Now, in 2017, looking backward I see that I have written (or co-written) and produced 19 original, full-length dramatic productions in the past ten years. Here’s my wall to (kind of) prove it:


I painted 21 squares on my wall and randomly colored them with whatever colors of paint I had. Now I’m going back and printing out a poster from all of my productions and inviting all my students to sign in any square in which they participated in. It’s a way of recalling what we have accomplished as I head out of Penang for good this coming June.

It’s been a wild and crazy ride. Moments of joy, laughter, tears, and euphoria — some of it even on stage! It’s been so fun to see young actors develop their confidence and soar through a production to impact the audience in unexpected ways. It’s also been rewarding to develop my skills as a playwright. I’m not finished developing, not by a long shot, and in fact I know I will never be finished  growing and experimenting in my craft. I’m in it for the long haul because I thrive on creative ideas and the challenge of bringing them to life. So as I work on completing my drama wall in my classroom, let me list off the original productions I’ve had the privilege of writing and producing at my school. An asterisk* denotes a script I co-wrote with student writers.

2008 What I Wouldn’t Give for a Monkey Love Potion*

2009 A Tad of Trouble*

2010 Take Two*

2011 Spy Blue*

2011 Romans on the Couch

2011 RLT Players present The Road Less Traveled*

2012 Life with Stewart*

2012 RLT Players present Drive All Night (Back into your Arms)

2013 Grandparents’ War*

2013 RLT Players present Captured in Time & Space

2014 Boardwalk Melody: A Musical*

2014 RLT Players present For All Generations

2015 A Tad of Trouble: A Musical (updated and re-written)

2015 RLT Players present Tales of Wonder

2016 Secrets of the Magic Pool

2016 How to Build a Dictator: A Black Box Experimental Piece

2016 RLT Players present Tales of Wonder II

2017 RLT Players: A Collection of Our Best

2017 RLT Musical: A Journey Down the Road Less Traveled

2017 RLT Musical: Tales of Christmas



My Short & Sweet Play through Photos

Courtesy of Ivan Photography, they beautifully captured the immense talent of my two young actors, Lexi and Yzzy. I’m incredibly proud of both of them. They just have the gift, and they brought my script to life in an amazingly emotional way. Check out this intensity.

Tonight is the last of four performances. It’s been a pleasure to watch them every night.

Lexi questioning how someone could drop a nuclear bomb in their back yard on the day she’s sending her child off to college.
“It’s just not fair. I’ve prepared her for this day her entire life.”
Yzzy running around like a crazed two-year old.
Yzzy at 16, trying to get some freedom from her controling mom.
“You will not go out with that boy. He can’t be trusted!”
“I don’t care if everyone else is taking Taekwondo. You will go to math lessons.”
“Did you just tell me to chill? I won’t chill.”
Yzzy practicing her Taekwondo.
Yzzy in one of her amazing stage moves.
“Like this. It’s fun!”
“Kick its butt!”
“You silly girl! You are not taking Taekwondo lessons.”
“I don’t want to go to extra math classes.”