A Woman at War: The Musical

I’m very excited about my 10-minute musical called “A Woman at War” being produced for the KL Short & Sweet Musical Festival, September 24-27.

I’ve been in contact with the director and I’m excited about he actors he has chosen and the direction he wants to take the musical. He’s also putting together a 3-4 piece band for live accompaniment.

I have the best job of all. I get to sit back and watch. That will be fun for a change.

It will be performed for 4 nights in a row. Then, if it is chosen, it will be performed for the Gala Night on the evening of October 5.

Here’s a link for the specific Facebook page of “A Woman at War” and if you are going to be in Malaysia during that time, please make plans to stop in and see it.

A Woman at War Musical PAGE



Short & Sweet Musical Opens Tonight – and I’m Not There!

Unfortunately, I’m going to be missing the “World Premiere” of my mini-musical (written with Shion Beak) called Captured in Time & Space. It’s showing as part of the Short & Sweet Musical KL starting tonight through Saturday. I will be there Friday and Saturday nights, at least.

I thought I’d give you a short walk-through with what the musical is all about.

The Prologue is a call for acknowledgement that there are a lot of lonely and desperate people in this place. Here are the lyrics which really sum this up:

“That rich or poor, all people need much more,┬áthan paint-on smiles fronting empty stores. If we could be the mirror and look deep into your face, if only we could capture truth in time and space.”

LOVE SICK is a woman who can’t except the fact that the man that she loves doesn’t love her. She sings:

“Why did you put him in my life an unattainable goal, taunting, laughing, prodding, baffling, vengeful god, who doesn’t want me to be happy.”

LONELINESS SICK is a man who has lived his whole life alone and has no one.

“I pretend to have a lady present, and we waltz the night to the Blue Danube, and I ask her for her hand in marriage, and she blushes once before saying ‘I do’. What a farce I’ve been searching after. I’m alone as I will die. Perhaps loneliness is worse than death. Cause it requires a constant breath.”

Finally, MONEY SICK comes along. A man who has everything but nothing.

“I sat in the audience of presidents, but I bowed not to them, for they bowed at my money, I sat tin the audience of presidents, I was their promise land, full of milk and honey. … Look at me in my BMW and now that I die, what did I gain? What is the final measurement of my earthly worth? Six feet of dirt.”

They all get together in the end, along with the ensemble and sing the chorus:

“Where you want to go? What you want me to say? Where you want me to go, my Lord, but I can’t go alone.”

It’s fun, poignant, and upbeat.

I hope everyone likes it. I can’t wait to see it.