Fun @ Short & Sweet Musical KL

I had a great time last night finally seeing the production of my mini-musical, "A Woman at War."  Vivian Chan and Boon-Kit gave wonderfully emotional performances as Johnny and Sara, a young couple separated during World War II. The direction and musical direction by husband and wife team Alvin Looi and Karynn Tan stayed true [...]

“A Woman at War” – My Musical Opens Today in Kuala Lumpur

I'm very excited about the 10 minute musical that I wrote which was chosen for production in the Short & Sweet Musical Festival KL 2014. It opens tonight at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, and will be showing through Saturday along with five other musicals. I'll be flying down to KL on Friday and [...]

A Woman at War: The Musical

I'm very excited about my 10-minute musical called "A Woman at War" being produced for the KL Short & Sweet Musical Festival, September 24-27. I've been in contact with the director and I'm excited about he actors he has chosen and the direction he wants to take the musical. He's also putting together a 3-4 [...]