Promotion Day Two!

Indie authors can’t do it alone. We are dependent on supportive readers who are eager to share the hidden gem that they have discovered.

On day two of my 99 cent promotion, I’ve been blessed by many who have shared a Facebook link, forwarded an email, or told a friend about my books. Actually, it’s very humbling, indeed.

I also have been re-tweeted by books sites and cross-promoted on sites like PeopleReads. It’s been a great first day and I’m so thankful for readers who care enough to help.

Two days left. Let’s sell a few more books!

The Recluse Storyteller 99 cents HERE!

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The Recluse Storyteller: First time at 99 cents!

Best deal ever! Kindle version sale for only 99 cents all weekend long (Dec 13-15)!

Now you have no excuse to try the story that reviewers have called:

“… an exquisite multi-layered story …”

“… story layering at its best …”

“… a must read for every storyteller …”

“… the power of words …”

Please check it out and tell your friends.

I greatly appreciate your support, and I look forward to your feedback!

Order 99 cent KINDLE version HERE!

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Christmas Gift Idea!

Need a great idea for that discriminating reader on your Christmas shopping list?  Here’s a great idea which can benefit you, too!

Purchase a print copy of The Recluse Storyteller on Amazon (now on sale for only $11.15) and with Amazon’s new Matchbook policy, get yourself a Kindle version of the same book for only 99 cents.

A happy shopping list! A happy friend or relative! A happy you!

Please check it out!







recluse storyteller cover med

Working for Every Sale

Being an Indie Author isn’t easy.

And yet it isn’t necessarily hard, either.

What it most certainly is, however, is time-consuming.

As I approach the one year anniversary release date of “Beauty Rising”, I beginning to understand one thing: I have to work for every sale.

And as I said, it isn’t easy.

The trajectory is more like a roller coaster rather than a rocket launch. I learned that vividly a couple weeks ago when I had my best sales day ever – and it wasn’t with my new novel – it was with my debut novel. (more on this in an upcoming post)

What is easy is to do nothing. That’s super easy. Write a book, publish it and do nothing.

But if I want to be a successful author, an author who one day could actually write to make a living, I have to work for every sale.

So this is a post of re-affirmation. I’m not going away as an indie author. Sales may climb or fall, but I’m going to continue to do what I love – write. I’m going to continue to do what I don’t love – promote, simply because I believe in my writing and I am humbled by the overwhelmingly positive reviews from readers around the world who have read my works. They have given me courage to go on. It could be easy to get discouraged, but I won’t have it. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to write and have people want to purchase my works. I am indebted to each and every one and I will continue to write stories which are worthy of purchase.

Writing is the easy part. Spreading the word is the hard part. But it is the hard parts of life which make everything worth it, right?

So once again, thank you to all who have purchased “Beauty Rising” and “The Recluse Storyteller.”  If you like it, please recommend it to a friend.


New Review and Author’s Interview on “Lovely Reads”

Serenity’s Lovely Reads just posted her review of The Recluse Storyteller along with the interview she did with me.

Here are two of the questions she asked me:

Describe your main character in six words.
Reclusive. Strange. Sad. Imaginative. Insightful. Live-giving.

Describe the world you’ve created in six words.
Intertwined. Overlapping. Anxious. Unsettled. Seeking. Finding.
Read the complete review and interview HERE!