Reflections on Writing: Are they good enough?

I’ve just finished writing a collection of short dramatic sketches which will be performed as my new Christmas show, “MORE Tales of Wonder: Another RLT Christmas,” this December.

My immediate reaction to the pieces is rather muted. I don’t know what to think about them, and I’m sure I don’t really know what I got in these pieces.

When I compare them to last year’s “Tales of Wonder,” they don’t seem to be as good. But I have to remind myself that my opinion of those is tainted by their live performances which were exceptionally well received last year. The real question is: what did I think about last year’s pieces before we produced them?

This is one of the most difficult parts of the writing process, knowing what you have after you’ve finished. Of course, different people will assess them in different ways, so I’m mainly writing at the wind here, trying to understand a process which is mainly incomprehensible.

I’ve found that most writing consists more of a workman effort rather than heavenly inspiration. There were very few “ah-hah” moments in writing these, most of them being slowly whittled away with version after version until the storylines and characters become more visible. This is probably one of the reasons why I feel nervous about these. If they lack inspiration, will they not be inspirational?

That’s not the way it typically works. Writing is about plowing a the field, planting the seeds, and slowly cultivating the crops; hoping that the mature plant will produce a strong yield. But there are no guarantees in writing (as in farming). You just have to do the work, put in the effort, stick with what has worked in the past, and then leave the results for others to assess.

Do I think we’ll have a good Christmas show this December? Based on track record, yes. Based on these rough scripts I’ve been writing in July? I don’t know.

Are they good enough? They are never good enough. But you still have to stop and move on to something else. That’s what writers do.


February was a good month!

While much of America was buried under snow and huddling around their basement wood burners to stay warm, they also must have had some more time to surf the web – February was our best month ever at with the highest number of visitors and views. I also sold a bunch of books, got a whole bunch more likes on my Facebook page and got some writing done, too!

So a big round of thank yous heading out to all of you who stopped by, did some reading, checked out a promotion, and, ultimately, bought a book. I truly am humbled when even one person plops down their hard earned money on one of my stories. I continue to work hard to make them as enjoyable and gripping as I can.

Writing-wise, I accomplished the following in February:

  • Wrote 6 Christian-themed skits I was requested to write. More on these later.
  • I finished editing on novel 4 and sent it off to my real editor.
  • I did a major re-work on novel 5 with greatly improved it. I’m getting more excited about this one now. Much work remains.
  • I’m still working on my short musical which I hope to complete by the end of March.

Overall, a good and productive month all around.

Plus, I enjoyed my tropical climate as I thought about all those Canadian temperatures which decided to migrate south.

Thanks everyone!