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Drama directors, forensic coaches, drama teachers, or any lover of theatre. Here’s a great collection of duets which can be used for a variety of settings. It includes 4 award winning scripts, and 12 other unique, engaging, socially relevant scripts for all different settings. All of these have been theatre-tested in one way or another. I’ve used them in the drama classroom, for award-winning performances in forensics competitions, and as a part of serious theatrical performances.

Versatile, fun, meaningful. Please check it out and pass on the link to the drama folks in your life! Thanks.

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Writing Historical Pieces for Those Who Don’t Like History

I found myself writing a short play over the weekend. It’s set in 1932 Central Park, NY. There are two characters: one Eulalie from Harlem and Becky, not from Harlem.

I’ve become quite fond of this piece I named “Wonder Bread & Other Miracles.”

As I was writing, I chose the name Eulalie for the girl from Harlem based on an actress from the Harlem Renaissance era named Eulalie Spence. I named my character Eulalie Spencer. The character in the play is a young girl, age not specified, who wants to be an actress in Harlem with the Lafayette Players, a real-life drama group, which disbanded in 1932.

The play that I wrote is not a historically accurate piece. That wasn’t my goal. I was just following an idea which took me down the road of race relations in the early 1930s and the Wonder Bread took on some sort of symbolic meaning during the course of the piece.

As I was writing this, I found myself having to balance between keeping it somewhat historically accurate while at the same time making it accessible to anyone in 2015 who would actually see it. And I mean anyone! Example: this piece will probably be performed as part of a high school forensics competition in an international school setting. There will be no African-Americans there. There will not be anyone present who would have any idea what the Harlem Renaissance was or who the Lafayette or Alhambra Players were.

And so as I wrote this, it became obvious that a historical setting like this can only be effective in this setting  if there are universal themes and if the historical information will not be a hindrance to the audience.

How I did remains to be seen, but I worked hard to bring out themes of friendship, cultural divides, and reconciliation that anyone could understand – especially anyone from a country like Malaysia which has so much diversity yet sits uncomfortably on the precipice concerning racial harmony.

On the historical side, I tried to use real group names, real context of Harlem in the early 1930s, and I hope I have succeeded.

I love this piece, actually. I’m sure I’ll be publishing it in the near future: “Wonder Bread & Other Miracles.”

Another one that deserves the musical treatment. Composers anyone?

Two Scripts – Two Medals at the SEA Forensics Competition

Last fall, my frantic colleague came to me to ask a favor: would I be really to write a dramatic duet for two of my young actors who also perform on the school’s forensic team. I highlighted this in my post called Speed Publishing – where within a span of 24 hours I had written, edited, and published this script called “GeneRations.” (Speed Publishing Here)

About a week later, my frantic colleague returned to me and asked if I could write ANOTHER one and have it published because a different pair of my actors also couldn’t find a suitable duet script for the Southeast Asian Forensics Competition 2015 which was held last week in Kuala Lumpur. Once again, I was delighted to help. I found a suitable topic and within a day had the script “Words to Say at the End of the World” published.

My work was finished, but since the time that I wrote the scripts, these two pairs of actors, along with their forensics coach, have been working furiously on them.

Well, we just got the results. The performance of “Words Do Say at the End of the World” won the gold medal and “GeneRations” won bronze. Don’t get me wrong, ALL the credit go to these amazing young actors whom I am very proud of. But I am delighted that they found my scripts to be the right amount of substance and creativity which enabled them to show off their talents – and they sure did.

So if you are looking for a couple duet scripts which have been used to win awards, you can check them out on the link below. You will note that they were published under the pseudonym – WR Charles – the name I use for publishing short dramas.

Please check them out and I’d be delighted to hear your feedback.

Gold Medal at 2015 SEA Forensic Competition: Script Here

Bronze Medal at 2015 SEA Forensic Competition: Script Here