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Read about the old man and the crazy white flying being named Bee.  By the time you finish, book two will be ready to take you on the next adventure in the series. Yep, prepare for things to get a little crazy.

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My novel “A Love Story for a Nation” – rated at 4.8 stars on Amazon – is FREE in the Kindle store for the FIRST TIME EVER! POSSIBLY the ONLY TIME EVER!

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This is a gripping story of one man who experiences terrible tragedy and decides to take fate and destiny head on by daily standing at attention in front of the palace gate of the dictator Antoine.

This is a thriller with unbelievable twists and turns. It’s also a work of literary fiction with memorable themes, unexpected reveals, and deep symbolism. One reader even called it a “modern-day tall tale.” And that it is. Small snippets of fantasy emerging out of the stories the protagonist writes in protest of the dictatorship.

This was originally a short play which won several awards in Kuala Lumpur in 2013. Now it’s a gripping tale that you won’t want to put down.

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When to Lower Prices. When to Spread Out.

This indie author thing I’m doing doesn’t come with a definitive handbook. Why hasn’t someone written it yet? “Guaranteed Success for the Indie Author.” That could be a big seller.

I’m just slightly over the three-year mark of publishing indie, so I still feel like a newbie in may respects. I have learned a few things, thankfully, and I don’t make as many mistakes as I did on my first release.

In 2015 I released my fourth novel, completed my fifth, and got a good chunk of my sixth written as well. Now that I have a small list of available books and others on the horizon, I have to begin to strategize differently compared to when I started this fun adventure.

Amazon has of course been my main-stay through all of this. I’ve counted on KDP Select as a means of getting my name out there through offering free promotions and deeply discounted promotions. I’ve had a number of successes through this method, but now that I’ve reached this point, I started to realize that I want any reader on any device to be able to have access to at least some of my books.

So I’m in the process of removing my first two novels off of KDP Select and will be publishing them through Smashwords for optimized distribution through many different channels. The point of this move is this: if someone by chance runs across my name, website, or Facebook page, I want that person to be able to run into my books regardless of whether they read via Kobo, Apple, or B&N. I feel like I’m finally at a stage where I need to be everywhere.

Maybe I’ve waited to long to do this. It’s impossible to tell, but I’ve made the decision to permanently lower my prices on my first two novels and broaden their scope. We’ll see how it goes.

My two most recent novels will continue on KDP Select because I see the value that I’m getting from that program.

So here’s to trying new things. I’d appreciate any thoughts you might have.

Is it worth it to offer your book for free?

I used to say “yes” – unequivocally. But now I’m not so sure.

After I published my first novel in December 2012, I went the free route a few months later having nothing at all to lose. The results astounded me. I had more than 14,000 downloads over a three day period and the book peaked at #11 on the Amazon free charts. I was ecstatic. Within a matter of days, 14,000 people had my book on their Kindle. There was no greater marketing method around.

But since then, things have changed – for the worse if you’re an independent author. My subsequent free campaigns with my first and second novels never again came close to those numbers. Bloggers have accused Amazon of changing algorithms that affect sales. (That doesn’t exactly make sense to me since Amazon wants to promote sales. But, okay.) New Amazon rules forced affiliates to reduce the amount of free books they promoted lest they be dropped as affiliates. From that point on, it became much more difficult to find websites who would promote your book for free. They still exist, but many of them have moved to asking authors to pay for promotional services, and so the broad avenues of promotion of 2013 have narrowed considerably.

Now as my third novel will be reaching it’s one year anniversary of release within the next couple of months, I have to decide how to continue to market it. I have never offered “The Reach of the Banyan Tree” for free. I have had several sales promotions at $0.99 and they have been successful to varying degrees, but the number of books that I have gotten into the hands of readers is significantly less when compared with my first novel.

It must also be pointed out that putting a book on someone’s Kindle does not mean that they will ever read it. My wife is a great example of this. She still has 100+ free books on her Kindle which she may or may not ever get around to reading. What benefit does an author have when a book is deadended on a Kindle? Not much.

On the other hand, a large number of downloads can lead to some traction. My first novel ended up garnering 85 reviews, many of those came from the free downloads. My second and third books have definitely lagged behind in reviews, even though the reviews they have received are better than my first book.

Now it’s decision time. Should I offer “The Reach of the Banyan Tree” for free one time only prior to releasing my new novel?

Or should I continue with periodical $0.99 cent promotions?

I’m open to advice.