2nd Novel Sale! “The Recluse Storyteller” – 99 cents – Limited Time!

The Recluse Storyteller HERE My mysterious and interesting 2nd novel is having a Kindle sale. Only 99 cents through January 5! You can check out the blurb below. Also, don't forget about the concurrent sale of my debut novel "Beauty Rising" - also on sale for 99 cents for just a couple more days. Beauty Rising [...]

A Steal of a Deal! 99 cents! “A Love Story for a Nation” – LIMITED TIME OFFER

My newest novel will be on 99 cent promotion on Kindle from December 19 - December 26. Where else can you get hours of riveting entertainment for 99 cents? I may be biased, but check out the independent reviews and decide for yourself. I think you'll agree, this is a great deal! Get your 99 [...]

Exclusive Excerpt: A Love Story for a Nation – The Real Enemy

To celebrate my latest novel's first 99 Cent Sale on Amazon, I'm happy to offer an exclusive excerpt. Here's a piece where Gerald stares into the face of his true adversary - the man on his country's money: “If I was a man, I’d have my revenge.” He leaned against the table. “What revenge would that be?” [...]

Travel to an Unspecified Country. Travel to Every County. “A Must Read”

My latest novel, A Love Story for a Nation, is set in the country of ? Actually, even I don't know. It's unspecified. I wonder if that bothers anyone. The story is set in the capital city called ? Hmmm, even that is unknown. The one place in the story that is known is the slum-like [...]