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Gearing up! First major promotion for “Banyan Tree”

My latest novel, The Reach of the Banyan Tree, has been released for about two months now. I’ve been fortunate enough to garner some good reviews (with quite a few more reviews still on the way), so it’s time to have the book’s first major promotion.

Starting September 4, it will be on a Kindle Countdown Deal – 72 hours at $0.99 and another 72 hours at $1.99 until it resettles into it’s regular price of $2.99.

This is the first time this book has ever been offered at a price below $2.99, so I’m hoping to get the word out to as many readers as possible.

I’ve decided, that for the time being, I’m going all out with Amazon to see what happens. Currently all three of my novels are on KDP. There are, perhaps, some drawbacks to this. My second novel was originally published widely on B&N and Smashwords in addition to Amazon and, frankly, the sales were underwhelming. This is not to say that the day of wide publication will not come again for me. I’m sure it will, but for now it’s just me and the big “A.”

So here’s to full-bore, headlong, all-in to this week’s promotion.

Any tweet, share, or word-of-mouth that you can muster would be greatly appreciated. As soon as the deal goes live on September 4, I’ll post my first promotion.

The Reach of the Banyan Tree

September 4-6 $0.99

September 7-9 $1.99

Here’s the book’s link: Banyan Tree on Amazon


FREE – The Recluse Storyteller – First Time Ever

I’m very pleased to offer my second novel, The Recluse Storyteller, for free over the next two days – February 20-21.

It’s free in every Amazon store worldwide. Please pick yourself up a copy and share the link with a friend. And if you like it, please write a review.

Thanks so much!

Here are a few of the links:

USA: The Recluse Storyteller KINDLE VERSION

UK: Amazon UK Store

Canada: Amazon Canada Store

Australia: Amazon Australia Store

India: Amazon India Store

KDP Free – My final results with debut novel Beauty Rising

I first published my debut novel, Beauty Rising, in early December 2012. I decided early on that I wanted it to be part of Amazon’s KDP program so I could take advantage of offering it for free several times as a way to introduce my writing to the world’s general readership. Here is my analysis of what went right and what went wrong.

Over the past 6 months, I have offered Beauty Rising for free on Kindle only three times.

  • Early Feb 2013 – 2 days
  • Early May 2013 – 2 days
  • Early August 2013 – 5 days

Every three months I offered it for free. I didn’t want to overwhelm the market, and I wanted it to slowly build momentum overtime. The results? Fantastic. I couldn’t be happier.

All in all, more than 22,000 readers downloaded Beauty Rising. Wow! They took a no-risk chance on a no-name author.

After each free promotion, sales most definitely ticked-up, as others said they would, and then tapered back down.

But for me, sales are completely secondary for my first novel. Do I believe it’s worth a $2.99 read or more? Yes, I do. I’ve been blessed with wonderful reviews that have been extremely encouraging.

Now the big question is this: what will those 22,000 downloads mean for my second novel? Obviously, I have no idea.

I hope enough people have connected with my writing that they will be willing to purchase my next one. That remains to be seen. Ideally, I’d never have to give away another book the rest of my life. But once again, I’m in this for the long haul, so only time will tell what marketing strategies are needed.

KDP is a major marketing blitz for any unknown indie author. How else can you generate this much publicity? How else can you get your writing into the hands of 10s of thousands of eager readers? As far as I know, there is nothing that can touch KDP for the indie author.

With two months left before the release of my second novel, Beauty Rising will now be going off of KDP and I plan to make it available for the Nook and possibly other formats starting in September.

Publicizing your indie novel is a lot of work, AND a ton of trial and error. But one thing has proven to be indispensable – free Kindle day promotions.

Workshop Aftermath: Wow, the Ground has Shifted!

I had a great time this evening highlighting the changes in the publishing industry over the last decade or so with a great, responsive group of eager writers trying to best understand the landscape through the eyes of this indie author who is still finding his way.

I greatly enjoyed seeing the shock on the faces of certain attendees who had not been keeping up with how Amazon has completely changed the way the publishing industry is operating – from Print on Demand to KDP to Goodreads to the blogosphere, the resources now at the disposal of writers is truly amazing.

I love the freedom to control my own destiny and I thankful that Amazon has provided this opportunity. I know that they don’t care about me personally, but their business model could not be anymore beneficial for an indie writer.

What a great time to be an author! The world of readers is at our fingertips!

(OK, we all know there are ups and downs in being an indie author. Well, today, I feel, is one of the ‘up’ days! :))