One final day of free: The Recluse Storyteller working the charts

It’s been a profitable two days of free (OK, maybe profitable isn’t the right word), but I am excited about getting my writing into even more hands of readers. Here’s what it has been up to so far:

Moved up to number seven in literary fiction. Almost as popular as the Timberland shoes on the left.

photo 1Reached #2 on the contemporary lit fiction and we still have one more full day of promotion ahead of us. Hoping to go with a big bang!

I appreciate everyone who has helped pass the word.  It means a lot with my next novel only 6 weeks away from publication.


FREE – The Recluse Storyteller – First Time Ever

I’m very pleased to offer my second novel, The Recluse Storyteller, for free over the next two days – February 20-21.

It’s free in every Amazon store worldwide. Please pick yourself up a copy and share the link with a friend. And if you like it, please write a review.

Thanks so much!

Here are a few of the links:

USA: The Recluse Storyteller KINDLE VERSION

UK: Amazon UK Store

Canada: Amazon Canada Store

Australia: Amazon Australia Store

India: Amazon India Store

Beauty Rising on the Amazon Charts: #1, #4, #36!

Thanks to everyone who is getting the word out about my 5-day-free-Beauty Rising promotion.

The results after day 1 have been fantastic!  

Under the category of literary fiction, Beauty Rising has hit #1! Yes, Victor Hugo is always hanging out around #1 as well.

beauty rising chart 2 aug 2013


In the category of Contemporary Fiction, Beauty Rising has hit #4, and in the Top 100 Free Kindle books overall, Beauty Rising has hit #36 – and climbing!

beauty rising chart 5 aug 2013


Please keep passing on the word. I want to get it into the hands of as many readers as possible prior to the release of my next novel, The Recluse Storyteller.

Thank you all!