Christmas Deals Galore! Grab them while they last.

Need some new reads for Kindle? Over the next few days, I have one novel completely free and three other novels at only $0.99! They won’t last long. Here they are:

FREE: THE AFRICAN CONNECTION (Book 2 of the Forgotten Child Trilogy) – starting Dec 24:

NOW AVAILABLE FOR ONLY 99 cents for the next few days:

Moses the Singer:

NOW AVAILABLE FOR ONLY 99 cents for the next few days:

A Man Too Old for a Place Too Far (Book 1 of the Forgotten Child Trilogy)

A Parting in the Sky (Book 3 of the Forgotten Child Trilogy)

Thanks for reading, and if you like, please don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads!

Now Available on Kindle Unlimited: A MAN TOO OLD FOR A PLACE TOO FAR

Book one of The Forgotten Child Trilogy: A Man Too Old for a Place Too Far  is now available through Kindle Unlimited. So if you’re a subscriber, you can read it for free.

Here’s the LINK

This unique story will take you to Cambodia, Romania, Scotland, the South Pacific – all from the starting point of mid-town Manhattan.  A bothersome being from the other side drops some pomegranate juice on grumpy businessman Francis Frick while he is sleeping. He is jolted awake into a new reality of time travel and unexplained beings as he is taken on a quest to find and save a child in history who truly didn’t matter.

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

Forgotten Child Trilogy Book1 FrontCoverFinal

The Recluse Storyteller: Lower Price – Expanded Distribution

My second novel, The Recluse Storyteller, now has a permanent e-book price of $1.99. And in addition to that super low price, it now has expanded distribution through a myriad of outlets. So now there’s no excuse!

This is a really fun novel that you can’t give up on in the beginning. It has a unique structure of story inside of story inside of story… if you are a little lost at first, it’s okay. I promise, it will all come together in due time. It’s a combination of four stories told by our crazy recluse, but it is also the story of the recluse herself. It’s a great weaving mess of fun storytelling. So please do check it out. It’s now available in various ebook formats at all of the following retailers.


Barnes & Noble NOOK Book HERE!

Smashwords HERE!

Inktera HERE!

Kobo – coming this week!

Apple – available on ITunes!

And many more.  If you have a favorite ebook vendor, chances are The Recluse Storyteller is now available there.

My debut novel, Beauty Rising, will also be heading to expanded distribution in the near future. I’ll let you know. Thanks for your support.

recluse storyteller cover med


Indie Authors: Don’t Forget about Your Earlier Releases

It’s easy for an author to forget about those first couple of books they published while caught up in the frenzy of doing everything possible to promote the newest release. But it would be a mistake to most completely past your former works without trying to make them work for you.

One of the best reasons to use your earlier works in your book promotion plans is that they already have the biggest exposure which may help sway promotion sites to pick it up. My debut novel has by far the most number of reviews on Amazon out of all of my other books. Such a large number of favorable reviews is certainly something that promotional sites will seriously consider – especially if you haven’t promoted that book on their site in a while.

Another excellent reason to try your earlier books again is that readership is not a constant. I have mistakenly thought at times that it would be a waste of time to try to promote the same book on the same old sites again. However, what I was missing from my equation was all of those new e-readers that people have received at Christmas and during their birthdays. Think of all the tablets being sold and all the reading apps constantly being downloaded on a daily basis. Your novel may not have reached them a year ago, but times have changed. They may be opening up their new Kindle app looking for a good book to read – regardless of when it was written.

Many people have written about how publishing more books help to cross-promote all of your books. But from my experience, one can’t be lax in how they approach it. Push your new releases hard, for sure, but remember to go back and promote those titles which were well received a couple of years ago. You just never know how one little promotion may lead to something big.

Just keep at it!

Final Chance on Two Promotions! 99-cent Book & Kindle Fire Giveaway

Hey friends,

Thanks for all your amazing support whether through liking a blog post, buying book, checking out my Facebook page, or passing on an encouraging word. I greatly appreciate it.

Here are two book promotions running which will soon be over, so please take advantage.

First up, my debut novel “Beauty Rising” is only 99 cents on Kindle for the next two days. It will re-settle into its regular price of $2.99 after that. Please check it out. Read some of the 85 reviews, read an excerpt, and, if it sounds good, pick yourself up a cheap, yet good read. LINK HERE!

Second, you still have a chance to win a KINDLE FIRE. Just a few more days! Plus at the same time, you can help promote my second novel “The Recluse Storyteller”. All of this is in conjunction with The Kindle Book Review. Here’s the link, and good luck: KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY HERE!


One final day of free: The Recluse Storyteller working the charts

It’s been a profitable two days of free (OK, maybe profitable isn’t the right word), but I am excited about getting my writing into even more hands of readers. Here’s what it has been up to so far:

Moved up to number seven in literary fiction. Almost as popular as the Timberland shoes on the left.

photo 1Reached #2 on the contemporary lit fiction and we still have one more full day of promotion ahead of us. Hoping to go with a big bang!

I appreciate everyone who has helped pass the word.  It means a lot with my next novel only 6 weeks away from publication.