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If you haven’t done so already, please head over to the Kindle Book Review and enter to win one of several Amazon gift cards. The giveaway ends on April 3.


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Final Chance on Two Promotions! 99-cent Book & Kindle Fire Giveaway

Final Chance on Two Promotions! 99-cent Book & Kindle Fire Giveaway

Hey friends,

Thanks for all your amazing support whether through liking a blog post, buying book, checking out my Facebook page, or passing on an encouraging word. I greatly appreciate it.

Here are two book promotions running which will soon be over, so please take advantage.

First up, my debut novel “Beauty Rising” is only 99 cents on Kindle for the next two days. It will re-settle into its regular price of $2.99 after that. Please check it out. Read some of the 85 reviews, read an excerpt, and, if it sounds good, pick yourself up a cheap, yet good read. LINK HERE!

Second, you still have a chance to win a KINDLE FIRE. Just a few more days! Plus at the same time, you can help promote my second novel “The Recluse Storyteller”. All of this is in conjunction with The Kindle Book Review. Here’s the link, and good luck: KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY HERE!


Promote another book, win a Kindle Fire!


I put my mysterious book cover for “The Recluse Storyteller” to work for the Fall Giveaway on The Kindle Book Review. You can win some cool prices including a new Kindle Fire.  The Recluse is looking pretty good there in the first row, don’t you think?

Please check it out. It’s a fun and twisting read trying to figure out if the protagonist, Margaret, is off her rocker or has some remarkable insight into the people around her.

Thanks for the support. Good luck and good reads!

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The Kindle Book Review – The Recluse Storyteller Review

Marilou George who reviews for The Kindle Book Review as well as her own blog Confessions of a Reader posted her review of The Recluse Storyteller. It was a 5-star review and here are a few highlights:

“Mark Sasse has the gift of storytelling that gives a stunning portrayal of the fragility of human emotions. His writing will engulf and transport you into a story that will capture your imagination and play with your emotions. His first book ‘Beauty Rising’ is a book that I personally found to be intoxicating and ‘The Recluse Storyteller’ is a book that is spellbinding and powerful. … it is truly an experience you don’t want to miss.”

Read the entire review HERE!

Check out other reviews and read a sample of the The Recluse Storyteller HERE!

(review excerpt re-printed with permission)