Five Years End – Short & Sweet Theatre Penang

Last night was the awards ceremony at Short & Sweet Theatre Penang. I have been involved in all five years, and I was delighted to win the Festival Director’s Award last night for directing and writing the play “The Runaway Slave: A Christmas Story.”


This will be my last S&S festival, at least in Penang. It’s been a lot of fun, especially working with my talented students over the year and to see them excel on the community stage. We’ve won a lot of awards of the year, and it’s been fun to reflect upon them during this last festival. I’m most proud of the remarkable string of Newcomer Awards my students have won over the years.

Kimberly Horton, most deservedly, won the award last night for her wonderful performance as Beatrice, a widow who stands up to defend a runaway slave girl. But look at these wins, all my students:

2016 Kimberly Horton

2014 Aaron Chand

2013 Ysabel Loh

2012 Jackie Ashkin

You’ll notice that 2015 is missing in the list. Well, that’s because the newcomer I had in my play last year, Lexi Zimbulis, actually went on to win the Best Actor Female award.

Yes, I’ve been fortunate to work with some talented young stars. Other awards my students have won over the years:

2014 Tesa Sasse – Best supporting Actor Female

2015 Ysabel Loh – Best Supporting Actor Female

2014 Ysabel Loh – Festival Director’s Award – Script – Best Performance

2015 Best Overall Performance – Lexi and Ysabel “Words to Say at the End of the World.”

2012 Audience Choice Award

On top of all of that, I pitch in 3 best script awards (2013, 2014, 2015) and 1 best director award (2015).

It’s a great festival for building and showcasing talent as well as for networking with other crazy theatre folks.

I’ll always look fondly upon Short & Sweet Theatre Penang and wish it the best as it moves forward and as I move on.


Last Night of Short & Sweet Theatre Penang



Here I am backstage with the cast of “‘No’ in Spite of Itself” written by yours truly and directed by Jackie (on my left). This awesome cast are all part of THE RLT PLAYERS who will be performing in the same venue in November.2013-09-11 22.30.42 And here I am with the cast of “Noticed” written by Jackie (on the right) and directed by yours truly. (That’s my daughter on my left and Ysabel on my right. They’re awesome!)2013-09-11 22.29.26One more night starting at 8:30PM @ PenangPAC.


Directing for Short & Sweet Theatre Penang

I’ve signed on to direct in Short & Sweet Theatre Penang coming up in September.

What is Short & Sweet?

It’s a festival of 10-minute plays, each performed nightly during one week of theatre competition.  I entered as a playwright last year, and my play was fortunate enough to take home the “Audience Choice Award” which was really cool.

This year I’ve decided to direct a play. (Not allowed to choice my own.) Over the weekend I read through the original scripts which were selected by a panel in KL to be in this year’s competition.  I chose the three scripts I would most like to direct and sent my selections to the competition coordinator.

Auditions will be held soon where I’ll get to choose whom I would like for the play.

Then we’ll have weekly rehearsals until the competition begins in September.

The Short & Sweet concept started in Australia a number of years back and has now spread to many parts of the world. It arrived in KL about four years ago and in Penang for the first time last year.

In addition to theatre, Short & Sweet KL will include Musical, Stand-Up Comedy, & Dance. In Penang, dance will be the only additional one.

It’s going to be a lot of fun and I look forward to finding my actors and starting rehearsals.

Come out and see the show if you are going to be around. Here’s a link for Short & Sweet Malaysia:

Short & Sweet Malaysia