Short & Sweet Musical: My composition’s up first during week one!

The news out of the Short & Sweet KL Musical Festival is that they have posted the running order of the show for week one. My musical “A Woman at War” which I wrote and co-composed the music with Laura Danneker is up first during the first week of the festival.

I’m super excited to have Alvin Looi doing the directing with his wife Karyn doing the musical direction. They have been gracious enough to keep me “in the loop” with what they are doing with the production, but I’ll be seeing for the first time when they perform it live on Sept 26. “A Woman at War” will be showing four nights in a row, Sept 24-27, and then, hopefully, it will be chosen for the gala night which is on Sunday October 5. I’ll get to see it twice. Can’t wait.

Lots of fun stuff coming up in September including Short & Sweet Theatre Penang of which I’ll be directing one piece and I’ll get to watch the production of another one that I have written. More on those later.

Here’s to live theatre! Nothing like it.

short sweet capture

Back in Penang from Short & Sweet Musical KL 2013




Had a great time in KL over the weekend attending Short & Sweet Musical Festival KL @ KLPAC. Let’s get to the photos:

Here I am at Aloft Hotel’s rooftop pool. The Petronas Towers in the background. Love hotel @ KL Sentral.

photo aloft hotel

photo aloft hotel2














(above) Yet another view.

Here’s the mugshots of all the guilty individuals. It was fun to meet the director and cast of “Captured in Time & Space.”

(below) Right before the show began.  I have a few more photos to come.


2013-09-27 20.04.42

2013-09-27 20.04.55 2013-09-27 20.36.12


On my first trip to KlPAC

Why Does it always feel so good to get away? That’s exactly what my wife and I are doing this weekend.  We flew to Kuala Lumpur to take in the performance of my mini-musical Captured in Time & Space  in the Short & Sweet Musical Festival.

My thoughts?  I don’t know. It’s really strange to see a performance of something you’ve written but weren’t part of the production process. My drama group, The RLT Players, will be performing the same musical in November, so I certainly have  preconceived notions about the script. But I found it’s very interesting to see what someone else envisions for your work.

Overall, I thought the production was good. the actors certainly worked hard at it and they highlighted the themes well. Is it exactly how I would interpret it? No. But that’s the fun in it. Seeing how others view your work. Its been really fun to be part of the process.

After the show, a guy I never met before  came up to me and said, “Are you Mark?” He introduced himself as an actor who is acting in my script for Short & Sweet Theatre KL in a couple of weeks. He’s acting in my script Almighty Might (one of my favorites which you can read right here on my blog).

It’s a ton of fun being here in KL and seeing my writing come to life. I realize how lucky I am.

But I’m much too excited to go to sleep.

Pictures coming tomorrow!